Fast character xp?

What is the fastest way to get xp? I did all the lore challenges for a character now I just need to level up to 15 (currently 9)

I’m not entirely sure but my two guesses are either a story mission that can be completed quickly/efficiently or capture mode pvp due to their generally short match time. I will say for certain you get around 25-30ish character experience for an average capture match which seems about the same as the other pvp game modes.

Not proven, but I’ve run a couple solo missions and kinda messed around doing nothing and the longer it took to complete the more xp I got, but I know one mission was on advanced difficulty so it might have been that (I leveled up twice! So cool)

Solo the algorithm on advanced a few times. That nets a decent amount for probably the least stressful level

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Complete lore and challenges for the characters such as play 5x Oscar mike win 5x Oscar mike and complete those ranks…I know im lvl 14 Oscar mike…one more lvl!!!

I have all the lore so I just need xp to master ambra. I played the algorithm and the last part of it SUCKED because it took like 2 or 3 lives to kill Isic with no range.

Once you hit character rank 7 you unlock her ranged staff mutation which allows you to shoot fireballs with heat. That should make it a load easier.

Yes definitly. I had that in beta and missed it sooooo much.

I tried The Algorithm at Advance with Phoebe.
ISIC killed me more than 5 times.
Even Blade rush does not helped that much.