Fast charakter pick while faster connect?

to beginn where everyone choose his charakter is stupid who connect faster can pick faster . Its better lock the pick for charakter when all players are connect in thiis screen

I have a side by side setup with two consoles and two tv’s. I can confirm this to be the case. Sometimes me or my friend are able to make a hero selection over 5 seconds before the other person even has the selection screen loaded.

Even if you made a count down before picking once everyone has loaded, there is always the chance someone will pick the person you want first, Your better off asking people in your group while its looking for opponents and hope you get nice people

Also I noticed if you have more characters unlocked, it takes longer to load the selection than if you had a lot of them locked.

You’re basically being punished slightly for having more options than other people…

I personally don’t mind if my character is sniped. If I want to do lore or level up I go to PvE Private or group with friends.

Another good reason to have several people in your rotation of people you like to play

im split-screen and my brother loads faster than me for some reason :mask: could be the more character things but he is only missing ghalt right now.

in pvp right now everyone be like QUICK PICK ALANI

And character select loading. The more characters you have unlocked, the longer it takes to load the menu. Or so it seems.

Thats stupid they have to fix the ■■■■. It suck more and more people not that they have the same chance to choose their chars

Yeah this is why if I want to play Alani I’m playing PvE instead. My connection is usually slower than most of the team so there’s always someone else picking her. I’m rank 11 with her and I haven’t been able to select her A SINGLE TIME in pvp.
Most of the times when I can pick my character 2-3 out of the 4 players have already validated their and all I can do is pick a char to complement their choice.
It’s always me doing this, and it’s usually lacking a tank (and before Alani, sometimes it’s lacking a tank AND a support) or a good pusher.
I’m actually going to be rank 15 soon with boldur and ISIC (both rank 14 right now), and it’s mainly due to that phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate playing at Boldur (only appreciate ISIC in pve though), but most of the time I’m not picking him because I want to play him, but instead because everyone pick high dps squishy characters.

I don’t mind doing this regularly, it’s natural ina team vs team game with roles but… It’s always those with slow connection that have to do it.

I even got insulted last night by someone who was baffled that a rank 100 wasn’t able to do better than that. Well, who picked his favourite character, and who picked something to try making the team more balanced, seriously.