Fast (EASY) Kill M4 Graveward Builds?

I know I know nobody farms this guy anymore but I just recently beat all the storymode and got all my VHs to 53 over the weekend so now I need COMs and lots of Eridium for all of them. All my gear is still 50 so I need to upgrade those as well and Grave drops everything I need so I’m going to farm him. Problem is I can annihilate him on M3 during the first hand phase but on M4 it is taking me a few minutes to even drop him and sometimes I’ll die by accident during the fight. Can you guys give me quick builds for each VH to optimally kill him? Not looking for M4 builds. Just specifically builds to farm Grave on M4.

(btw if you know a better enemy that drops all 3 weapons/eridium/COMs that is better than give me that info as well thanks!)

I know Agonizer 9000 drops COMs and also the Dictator, which is a good weapon for bosses -especially big ones like GW. I think his cash and eridium drops are decent too. That’s one alternative you might consider.

I use FL4K to farm Graveward. Fade away, St4ckbot mod, Maggie with sliding annoint. can kill him in about 30 seconds in M4.

Conference call destroys him in less than a minute. The spread hits his critical spots to the sides.

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With Moze:

  • Some for the Road (from the green tree) + Quickie (purple Torgue heavy weapon) on sticky mode. You will kill GW in 5 seconds (assuming you have decent build). I use Splash Moze for this one

  • Some for the Road + 6x Fire Dictator. I use a SoR Moze for this one.

Edit: Another cheap trick other people do (not necessarily on Moze) is crit swapping. Check YouTube about it

Moze, some for the road, quickie, blast master or crit swap. Fastest method IMO.

It sounds like you’re looking for world drops…which are dropped in abundance by any boss.

AFAIK Graveward is one of the fastest to kill. I’ve heard Gigamind can be good, as well as both Traunts.

If you are looking for specific gear, you may want to choose a boss that drops that. Dedicated drops can be found on this spreadsheet:

After the buffs yesterday, just use Krakatoa with buffs to sniper and incendiary.

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If you’re on PS4 add me and I’ll run him a few times with you so you can see how I do it and I’ll kit you up for future farms.

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Green to the Power inside, everything else red tree + De4deye com. This also makes extremely easy work of Tyrene and I’m sure plenty of other things I haven’t went and killed with it yet.


If you get a x2 ION cannon with 100% cryo you can one shot him in your fall with Zane, takes a bit of practice to line it up. Fl4k can do the same with an ASE one. You can also get a good mix of COMs from Gigamind, a lot of thing can kill him in 1-2 hits.

The Wedding sniper works better for me. Was lucky enough to get a good anointment and with sniper bonuses equipped Grave goes down pretty fast.

That’s pretty quick Kab. Krakatoa is at least useful now.

I didn’t get a single anointed one out of the 3 characters that I did the event on unfortunately.

I killed him with less than 1 magazine of a Krakatoa in one of my farm passes today. M3.
Poor guy has no chance with the Krakatoa buff. Not that he had much beforehand…

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I’m still not nearly as fast as what Kabflash has done with the Krak tho. With a good anointment it should end him pretty fast I would think.

I can get him on the first mag if I stay on my crits. I usually get him on the second one though. That’s with a Phasecast 250% anoint.

I was going to suggest the same thing. I don’t think you even need a “build” if you have a Krakatoa (especially if it has a useful anointment). I can’t kill GW in one mag but still kill him pretty fast and that’s really without much benefit from any particular build.

Yes, the Krakatoa is all you need to handle GW.
In that one pass, being M3, I had the bonus to ARs and Snipers. With my Crit FL4K it was over before it started.

But even without bonuses, the current Krakatoa is plain deadly against creatures or unshielded bandits…

I was on M4 TVHM and still can kill it pretty fast even if not a single mag so if played on a lower difficulty it would be insanely fast I’m guessing.

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