Fast (EASY) Kill M4 Graveward Builds?

kings call , its pretty good for fl4k general bossing.

cutsman etc etc etc . but quickie definitely fastest and very rare to find 1 too

Dumb question, but do you shoot his arms when he punches at you? I didn’t realize till later that you can deal a ton more damage shooting them than his normal crit areas.

Be honest with us, you want the lob don’t you :smiley:

Only joshing. I have a Zane build that is working well. I have a post in the video section (Krakatoa kill). It is a general seeing dead build. Gonna fine tune it tonight for dropping gravy. I’m thinking blue tree capstone and a different com that boosts donnybrook. Not sur which one atm.

ets, actually may use an Executor with a decent amount in playing dirty, if I find one :wink:

Bangstick x18. Use stickies and he dies in 5 seconds

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Made a quick little video highlighting how much better the results are with a com, artifact and grenade, versus not having them on, for the same skill build:

Many good suggestions…

Since the buff Stark Krakatoa might be viable.

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