Fast forward mod?

Would it be possible to make a mod that speeds up the game? e.g. a fast forward button. If so, how?

See these threads:

There might be others, but these are just the ones I can recall reading.

To answer your question, though: No (at least not yet, if ever?).

I thought it was SHIFT + \ to fast forward


\ to return to normal speed?

That is a real thing??

Give it a try. I use it all the time myself to skip past the hyper in sequence at the start of a CPU skirmish during testing.

Are you sure ? There is no mention of this shortcut in the keybindings.lua file oO (and I never heard of it)

Does absolutely nothing :frowning:

yeah, I couldn’t detect any effect either

@sastrei is correct - he may just have mappings that others don’t have… ? I think these were debug keys, I am not even 100% sure they work in all builds released - the public preview may vary, or even some of the private beta builds…

In my autoexec.lua (where the exe is, I forgot how the public does this?)

bind2("TurboEnable(4)", SHIFTKEY, BACKSLASHKEY )
bind2("TurboEnable(1)", CONTROLKEY, BACKSLASHKEY )
bind1("TurboEnable(2)", BACKSLASHKEY ) 

Shift / is Go faster by 2x
Ctrl / is Go slower by 2x (yes including slo-mo)
/ is return to normal speed


How do us mere mortals accomplish this?

That code goes into Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Autoexec.lua


That does not seem to be an existing file, sadly. :frowning:

Copy paste the mappings that bitvenom listed into a new text file and rename it to match

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Didn’t work…

Wait - not Bin - the place where the EXE is, right? So Bin\Release ?

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And you would be correct. Follow @sastrei’s instructions. Also, make sure the file didn’t get renamed to autoexec.lua.txt.

@BitVenom: the autoexec.lua had to be in the bin folder not the bin\release folder for Homeworld 2. Did that change for RM?


I’m not sure - mine is inside of the EXE folder for each release I’ve got (Debug, Release, Galaxy, etc)


Putting it in bin/release instead worked!

Is TurboEnable() also useable in an UI command, like Universe_Slowdown() ?
If that’s the case, I could add it to my code here !

Edit :
I see that it can also slow things down. Does it have the same effect than Universe_Slowdown() in that case ?
The only parameters for it are 1, 2, and 4 ? Or is there other ones (like 8 for x4 for example) ?


I’d like to note that doing it over and over increases the effect…