Fast recharge shields

How do people feel about this kind of shield for FL4K? They aren’t quite the same level as the Tediore shields from BL2 but from what I’ve seen they have amazing synergy with Topped Off and let you use Fade Away a lot more often which imo more than makes up for their low capacity

In terms of red texts these would be the Red Suit, Impaler and Band of Sitorak

I’ve been using Big Boom Blaster since the buff, it’s great.

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Blaster’s pretty part-dependent but yeah it’s great too

I switch between blaster (since buff as well) it stays full almost all the time, plus the free grenades is worth it too! Combined with cloning chupas organ for constant regen on my glass cannon. As for my Rakk build, I have an anointed with extra rakk attack and fast charge and use damage grenades since Rakks heal.

I mean with head count and eager to impress fade way returns quick enuff. In my opinion that makes short delay shields seem not that important or at least not as important then what other advantages the shields can give me

Relying on Head Count/Eager to Impress for cooldown reduction requires you to play aggressively though; this isn’t a problem for bosses but in places like the Slaughter Shaft or the Anvil where you can easily get overwhelmed by badasses doing so can be very difficult for a lot of players

I guess ur right also player skill takes into account 2 not everyone can be hitting them crits like its their job to take full advantage of HC.

One reason why megavore synergizes with hc

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