Fast travel anywhere musings

One half of my brain is very OK with being able to fast travel across the galaxy, hopping between planets without involving a ship.
The other half of my brain says How can this even be canon? If I can fast travel from planet to planet what’s the point of having a ship anyway? Why has the transport system simply become large Fast Travels for people and cargo?
This is one of those places where (to my universe-understanding brain) needs a Nah, this is not canon, just for the game messages from the writers.

It is only story purpose driven. At least they let us travel from anywhere after discovery. Would be annoying to have to constantly navigate to other bosses with many loading screens to get to the planet they are on.

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From BL2 and the mission where you have to get a fast travel to Highlands - Overlook.

You hear Angel saying that the fast travel had to be hooked up to the network and she impacts something on other network areas to remove oxygen and speed things up

On that basis it seems there are fast travel networks are around the galaxy, and in order to use them you just have to activate them.

Story progression means that activation means you just walk past it.

<Can’t quote spoiler text>
I’ll do this in spoiler, though I’m not convinced hiding BL2 stuff in a BL3 area is necessary :slight_smile:

There are two things going on in that sequence;

  • Getting a replacement fast travel launched to Overlook. That is total canon, it’s a physical event, a fast travel pillar being rocketed down to Pandora.
  • Influencing the moon base operators. This is done through Angel’s phase shift ability to control electronic systems. She interfaces with control stations to add priorities, and shut down the O2 supply.

Neither of which is using Fast Travel off Pandora.


You gotta be within range of a network you’re connected to. Lilith and Ellie tell you on Promethia that Sanctuary isn’t hooked in to their fast travel network yet. So they gotta Learn stations.

I imagine fast travel as on Skyrim : the game basically runs you past the distance, but in game time still happened. When I fast travel myself from the middle of Eden 6, I didn’t just teleport. My character ran to the nearest station, booped up to Sanc3, the ship went to the planet, and we booped down.

Fast travel to a different planet and check where the drop pod will take you

Agreed, Elder Scrolls always gave a time base to all actions.
Borderlands might. Always been a bit odd to me that the BL series doesn’t have a visible clock/calendar, since time of course runs and we do have day and night cycles.

Moze has a watch :slight_smile:

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