Fast Travel Bug Still!

I know this has been talked about a bunch on here and elsewhere but it’s been over a month and I still can’t get my fast travel stations working. After beating the game and joining another like a lot of people I lost all my fast travel locations. I’ve tried joining other people’s games and still no fast travelling.
I’ve gotten by fine with drop-shipping to every planet and driving to each location however now my dropship isn’t loading and can’t travel to whole planets to finish side quests. Promethia and Edan-6 seem to be the only places I can drop ship to that isn’t a proving ground.
I love this series even with all of its bugs at launch, I think the gameplay is super fun and unmatched but this is making it impossible to complete every mission and killing the game for me. I hope it can be fixed soon so I can truly finish the game and play all it has to offer.

I joined my friend on Athenas (split screen), and now, when I play my Moze solo, Eden 6 is missing from my maps. After drop pod to Eden 6, on the drop pod location in Floodmoor Basin is listed. None of the other Floodmoor, Anvil, Jacobs Estate, etc show up.

We are having the same problem, we have to go and unlocking the again. Is there a way to contact support about this?? (BTW new member)

The issue is still outstanding, as far as I know. This is a link to enter a support ticket, as I did:

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