Fast Travel Bug?

So, I have the operator at level 20, and I decided to start a game with my brother, who started a new game as the gunner and loaded my level 20 operator. We played up until first meeting lilith, and then he decided to stop playing. I tried to jump back on my own playthrough, and i’m stuck on pandora. But I can’t fast travel anywhere except covenant pass. No sanctuary III, no Promethea, no Athenas. In the galaxy view, Promethea and Athenas are there, but only read the Pandora information, and I can’t fast travel to them; (says unable to activate point of interest). Help???

Happens sometimes when you couch coop in a game that didn’t unlocked all your fast travel.
You need to “manually” travel to each planets and use the drop ship to unlock them again from the map. Unfortunately seem you lost Sanctuary too.
I mean Sanctuary III :smiley:

My guess would be to travel to the Crimson Raiders “dry” docks and see if you cant travel to Sanctuary from there.
Also. You should have Sanctuary in your map but sometimes fast traveling there can be buggy. If using the “scroll down” to highlight the ft doesn’t work. Try moving the cursor on top of it.

Not sure you’re in the right section though.