Fast travel gone after playing split screen

After playing split screen and going back to my lvl 38 character I’ve lost all fast travel but Sanctuary.

I don’t play online so please don’t recommend joining someone else’s game as a work around.

I’ve looked through blog posts and forums from as far back as mid September with the same problem occurring for people with no response from Gearbox, can someone tell me if there is a real fix for this and if not when?

Not everyone has time to re-run through a game to re-unlock fast travel. If there is no fix for this other than work-arounds that players have had to come up with I would like to at least know so I can decide whether to find another game to play.

People with only a few hours per week to enjoy video games don’t want to have to troubleshoot and workaround the game for hours at a time just to play.

This - as you’ve found out - is a known bug still awaiting a fix (next patch should be coming in a week or two, but I don’t know what specifically it will address). You should still be able to use the ship navigation to get to a specific planet, then use the drop pod to head down to the initial zone. I don’t know if the reverse is true - that is, if you had a “all locations unlocked” save on a different profile you could join split-screen and recover your location?

That could be a good workaround in the future for me.
Still a workaround though.