Fast travel gone

Hey i was jsut wondering if anyone else is haveing the same problem as me. im at the point in the game where ive got to talk to clay. and ive fast traveled back to sanctuary and sold some stuff and logged off. I came back the next day and i only had the first two planets even though i ment maya and got to eden 6. so i was wondering if anyone had this problem and knew how to fix this

I have had this issue as well, though my circumstances were different. They are aware of disappearing Fast Travel, but I have no clue on a “fix” or when it will be resolved. Online stuff seems to indicate that it is tied to multiplayer maybe? Like joining a game that has less progress than you puts your fast travel to theirs (unable to confirm if this is the case though)

A work around however is to go to the planet selector, and then use the drop pod back to the surface. I was able to do this on several planets, and you just walk around unlocking the fast travel points again.

Time consuming, but it helps.

oh ok thanks i did try that but the drop pod wasn’t working either sadly. i didn’t join another game but someone did join me but i left and turned that off so people didn’t join me again and was still working when i logged back in. im just start another character thanks for letting me know its not just me