Fast Travel Locations Disappering

Came across the fast travel locations disappearing bug. The issue is that I play solo and haven’t jumped in a game with a lower level. Bug is appearing on all 3 of my characters to varying degrees. The fast travel locations are out of order and some places won’t have a fast travel station to select. One of my characters is missing whole planets even after completing the story. Some areas can’t be accessed by simply going to location and rediscovering fast travel due to whole planets being missing. Please address quickly Gearbox. Anyone that is having the same issue and has found a local fix please let me know.

Hmmm. Forgive me a second but I think I need a little clarification here. When you say you are missing complete planets do you mean:

A: there are no fast travel points for the planet in your galaxy map.

B: the planets are not in the navigation computer on the bridge.

C: both

If the answer is A, then the solution is to go on the bridge. Access the navigation panel and go bacl to the planet in question. Then go back downstairs to Ellie’s and use her drop pod to go back to that planet. Then you will need to get a vehicle and drive back to all the missing fast travels to reactivate them.

Unfortunately if it is B or C the only solution I can think of is to have somebody join your game and see if they can fast travel to that location. Otherwise I can not think of a different solution.

Unfortunately it is option C.

If you are on true then it might be easiest to reset missions and replay it. If you are on normal then I don’t know, other than what I already suggested. As I haven’t had this problem I can only hope it is fixed for you soon or that somebody who experienced it can come in and tell you how they fixed it.

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I’m having the same issue, my son told me that his fast travel spots disappeared randomly so I went on my account and had him follow me around and got his but it didn’t take and now a lot of mine are gone as well. It seems random and even if I reclick on the fast travel soon as I make a new game its gone…any ideas

No fix that I’ve found. Number one issue that needs to be addressed imo.

I cant farm on my lvl 50 because most of the spawn points are gone…?