Fast travel map snapping needs fixed NOW

please fix the damn fast travel map snapping u have no idea how ■■■■■■■ annoying it is…put out a small fix for it immediately its quickly making me not want to play this game every time i turn it on…i should have to use my d-pad to quick snap to map markers not the damn analog…fix this damn annoyance already please…game should of never been released with this annoyance in the first place

And while we’re on this subject I wish when I pick a side mission that the map would show me where exactly I need to go. I tried 2 side missions last night and all it had me doing was fast traveling from one end of the map to another. I tried going to planetary view and still didn’t find another marker. This has happened so many times I’ve forgotten to count on my journey so far, level 22. Could you please address this!!!


it is going to be fixed in the patch. dont ask now, because it takes a while to find what is causing the issue, then to code a fix in a way that doesn’t break other things. it is annoying though

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right…its extremely annoying especially for someone like me that 100%s every map before moving on to the next one…the amount of times i enter the map to get my bearings is insane and when it snaps it completely disorients me…another annoying thing is the respawn timer…when i clear out an area it shouldnt repopulate with enemies till i leave and come back instead it likes to do it while im still in that same area searching…on the space laser mission where dinklebot is i had to fight enemies then search then they respawned then i killed them and dinklebot then the respawned again i killed them all then i pushed the button to open the door and now i gotta fight 20 more enemies its ■■■■■■■ overkill especially the damn maliwan heavys they are bullet sponges and they always send like 3 at a time with 2 nogs