Fast Travel... No need to be at the station to travel

Just a heads up… You can travel to any fast travel location you’ve visited from any location you’re at, as long as you’re out of your vehicle.

All you need to do is open your map and click on any fast travel location you’ve been to and you’ll be transported there.

Yes, this is important to know.

Slight spoiler:

They do tell you to do this once you reach the first boss on Pandora, at Ascenion Point, Doomfist, it tells you how to fast travel with a helpful tip that comes up on the side of the screen, telling you that you can fast travel immediately back, to turn it in by opening up your map.

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I must have missed that… Lol… Guess I was too excited about playing a new borderlands game!

Yeah it’s all good! I missed it my first time through, only noticed it the second time.

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