Fast travel not working after latest patch

after the latest patch i can find all planets, but most of the fast travel locations are gone, ad even if I go to the fast travel locatios they do not register

yup having the same issue here, if i goto the map i cannot fast travel anywhere, the only way i can reach a planet is via drop pod :frowning:

I’m having a similar problem on Xbox, and haven’t heard anything. No updates in the hot fix today either.

I’m locked out of all of Promethea except the drop pod fast travel location. On one character I just completed the Skywell mission, but now I can’t go there. I can fast travel to the drop pod and Fort Pss-Off, but the door/gate to The Spillways is closed.

On the other character, same situation, only they can’t fast travel to the fort, only the drop pod. And this character was ready to tackle the vault on Promethea.

The only thing I can think of is, on both characters the fast travel Meridian Metroplex was available, so went there thinking I must have completed that part of the story, when you clear out that base. But nope, got jumped and when I respawned, I was back with Lorelei and we were able to complete the Hostile Takeover mission.

The door to the spillways was never opened for these characters, nor will the Fort fast travel activate on the other character.

The access to Promethea is blocked beyond the first drop pod area for me. I can fast travel to the drop pod fast travel at Meridian Outskirts or use the drop pod directly from Sanctuary 3. Lorelai is not present to kick off the events to activate the the vehicle station and to open the door that leads to the rest of the zone. The door is closed and all the fast travels past this in Promethea are unavailable as well.


One of my characters has this same problem. I contacted gearbox but they could not solve this for me, so my flak can never go to promethea:(