Fast Travel not working on an Xbox One install

XBox One, Super Deluxe Edition,
I can’t fast travel anywhere. On Pandora I could not and now on Promethea I still can’t. I see Sanc. III and can look at it’s map, but cannot go there. Screen says “A” to travel, “A” does nothing.

Am I missing something here?

Edit: I have not seen more than 2 locations in a fast travel. Where I am and one other.

I AM STUCK IN SANCTUARY HELP MY FAST TRAVEL DOESN’T WORK other fast travel location are not even showing up I can only fast travel to sanctuary the only one showing up if you know a fix pls tell me the only thing that has worked is joining friends.

Are You “holding” the button?

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No, but that worked for activating the travel! Thanks

You’re welcome

Ok, I think I’m past the fast travel learning curve now. Just went between the Droughts on Pandora, Sanc. III and Meridian Metroplex. Orbit view (Y) and the zoom buttons makes all other locations previously visited available.