Fast travel not working

I AM STUCK IN SANCTUARY PLEASE HELP. I only have one fast travel location and that is sanctuary I am lv 18 now started when I was lv 12 I had to join friends to do anything. Pls tell me if there is a fix.

You can turn “planet” view to fast travel.
Just open map and in down right corner should be “orbital/panet” view or something like this.

And you have to use the space shuttle dropping exit (near the autolog ) at the bottom,the first time you travel on a new hostile planet, cause you dont have unlocked the fast travel

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I have this same issue. No fast travel loc’s but sanctuary. When I try to goto the cargo area under Ellie’s there is the pod but no way in, no arrow screen ahead of it to travel, when I change planets to promethea the pod works and has the arrow screen to travel. I’ve restarted game etc, no luck, cant get back to pandora to finish side missions.

Can’t get down from Sanctrum. Then it is not possible to fast travel or jump down to the cargo area. I’m stuck on Sanctum …
Do you have a solution or patch to PC?

Same exact thing for me.

so now I’m unstuck, after a random restart and re try (seems like millionth…) it let me choose on fast travel screen (Y) orbit view, then galaxy view, which were not availalbe before. I don’t know what tripped it to make it work but hoping it stays unglichted. I’d just try restarting (xbox). Good luck.

This issue has happened to me too on PS4. There seems to be an issue when joining games which have not unlocked the same planets as you. When joining back your game, only the other player unlocked planets will be available if any.

FIX: While its not optimal, its possible to go to the navigation station, then use the drop pod and repeat for all necessary planets.