Fast travel return/more selling points needed

Loving the game so far, btt does anyone else think that the shop points are ridiculously far away? For example, getting to the end of Skywell 27, my inventory was full and if I wanted any more pick ups I had to fast travel back to the shuttle point, sell the loot and restock on ammo then trek all the way back. And by trek, I mean sprint the entire way so I don’t waste said ammo before the boss fight.

I know you can upgrade the storage deck so you can carry more, however if you’re literally just at the end of a zone it’s a major pain to do. A fast travel return system would make things so much better so you can ping back to the point you just left/nearest new-u station


Don’t know how practical this would be on that specific map, but you can FT directly to your vehicle from anywhere. So you could park as close to the destination as possible, run to the nearest store, then FT back.

Skywell 27 doesn’t have vehicles. And it’s freaking huge. ONE fast travel station and ONE set of machines at the very beginning of the map. My backpack, which is at 25, was full before I even got halfway through the map. Had to scour every single chest/container for ammo, too. SUCKS big time.

It gave you a fast travel station at the end of the map, but it was a no U-turn.

Man, my wife and I must have had to leave $25,000 in weapons laying on the ground because of full backpacks.

The main Athenas was bad too, but not as bad as Skywell.

So yes…+1,000,000 to this request.


Did you check your Lost and Found back on Sanctuary? I was a little surprised when I had a bunch of purple rarity weapons pop out of that the first time I opened it. (I believe you can also expand storage in it the same way as all other storage)

Yeah I had a couple of blues in the lost and found. But there were lots of greens that we could have sold if we just had a way to carry them. We spent a lot of time sorting through inventory trying to drop lower value items to pick up higher value items. That went on basically from the middle of the map and forward. And unlike in BL2, you can’t sort the items by price anymore, so it was much more tedious to make sure you’re dropping the cheapest item. Generally the higher an item’s score, the higher the value/price, but there are plenty of exceptions.

Having a map that large, with no vehicles and only one fast travel/vending machine hub is absolutely ridiculous. Her back pack was 22 and mine was 25, so it’s not like we haven’t made significant investments in upgrading our backpack capacity.


The area respawns affect this too.
Area respawns are much more BL1-like than BL2-like, the baddies respawn faster than in BL2.
So when you run back to sell stuff, or even fast travel back, the walk back to where you were often faces the same sets of enemies that you just killed.


I agree. We need more fast travel points and vending machines in certain areas.

There’s an area on Promethea that there are none. I got so frustrated having to travel, sell/buy, travel then run all the way back that I turned the game off.

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Don’t get too hung up on money. Look for weapon upgrades and leave everything else behind. The higher value stuff will be in lost and found. The less money you have, the less you have to lose on death.

But you need money for SDUs - just sayin’

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a lot of money, goes from 1000, 3000, 9000 and up into the 100,000’s , WTH, sounds like that Grinder challenge in TPS, but worse

There are dramatically fewer vending machines in BL3 than BL2. I just don’t understand why they did that. Loot drops quite a bit more frequently in this game (even if you don’t use exploits), yet you have fewer places to profit from it.

That is actually not the case. It seems that the lost loot machine picks up blues/purples/oranges, regardless of level or monetary value. So what my wife and I have ran into is when one of us drops a low level and/or low value blue item to make room for a higher value item in our inventory, the lost loot machine picks it up for the other player. As long as it wasn’t enough to fill up your lost loot capacity, then that’s no big deal. Just pick them up and sell them for a little extra $. But if that low level/low value blue junk maxes out the machine’s capacity, then you can get screwed out of missing out on something that’s actually important. I’d like to see them patch it so that the lost loot machine won’t pick up items dropped by other players.

I have yet been able to FT to my vehicle. Says I can…push the button…nothing happens. What’s the trick?

Press and hold - there’s a little progress thing that fills up around the button icon.

I’m on PC but I can confirm @Ignibus1 claim that fast travel to vehicle does nothing. Not sure if there is a difference between PC/Consoles. The progress bar fills up to full but the travel never occurs.

In regards to the shops, I’m pretty sure they changed it due to how the New-U stations function now by saving your spot, which makes farming bosses much faster.

There shouldn’t be. Only thing I can think of is if a PC user changed key-bindings the UI may not update to reflect them. (I’ve seen that happen on console with non-default controller layouts too.). If you’re running default keys and selecting your vehicle on map then hitting the button doesn’t FT you it’s a bug and should be reported. (Note that you do have to select your vehicle on the map as the location - the key option should not be visible before you do that though.)

Yea it’s a bug for sure. I’ve reported it.


I was near the end when I had to fast travel back to sell loot. I didn’t have to sprint as far as I originally thought. Once I got to the elevator that Rhys failed to hack earlier, I checked and the button inside worked. It let me skip a huge chunk. I agree that there should be more fast travel and shops but I figured I would mention this in case it helps anyone.


Don’t even worry about picking up and selling worthless items. Just check vending machines until you find a Money homing grenade of any kind and go farm for like 10 minutes and you’ll have more money than you could get from selling stuff for over an hour or two.
Or just go farm a boss for a bit, searching for some good legendary gear and they’ll also drop tons of money and eridium.

Don’t know if you guys are playing as Fl4k, but I have noticed that if my pet is too close to my feet then I will be unable to fast travel. I need to back out, run a couple meters and try again, and then it will work.