Fast travel spots are disappearing from the map

This just started happening after the update today. Some of my fast travel spots are disappearing from the map. I travel to an area and then after I’m there, I go to fast travel to another spot on the map and the icon is completely gone and I can’t fast travel there. Is anyone else seeing this?

Yep I just updated today and now im stuck on sanctuary. I cant go anywhere at all. Everything has disappeared, I cant even see orbit view in fact they are no longer on my screen to select. I just played this 2 days ago with 0 issues, now everything is gone except for my toon and all my weapons

This is only happening on one of my characters and I think it’s only in Heart’s Desire and Devil’s Razor. However, I haven’t tested all locations yet.

Yes, this happened to me as well. It went away after restart.

This is magically fixed today. I had restarted many times previously without fixing it but now it’s working correctly.