Fast travel station & weapon interaction, borderlands 2

Whenever i spawn in after selecting continue for some reason my rocket launcher is always the first weapon to be in my hands regardless of what weapon i was using at the time of activating the fast travel station, so i was wondering if anyone can explain why that is?

This was something a bunch of us looked into a few years back and frankly I can’t remember. @nat_zero_six ? Do you?

I believe it’s choosing the gun with the highest card damage….but not consistently? I don’t think slot has anything to do with it, and certainly not last gun used.

That has always been my experience in BL1 and BL2. When you phase in after being away, your most “powerful” (based on card damage) gun is made active.

Always a minor annoyance to immediately switch to what you really want to use and have been using.

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Ah, so that’s what’s going on, makes sense thanks anyway