Fast Travel Stations on several different areas missing

So I finished the game and I’m going back to complete some of the challenges and collecting all the eridian slabs in order to get the trophies I’m missing. The MAIN problem that i’m having is that when I hover over a location on a planet, There’s no way to travel to that specific area i.e Promethea- Meridian Outskirts (Yes I’ve gone to the map to see orbit view). This is the case with all of the planets - Not just a specific area. In some cases I’m able to find a map transition area and go through that but even then, Once I get to the area I’m met with the same problem as before. I have quit and restart. moved my ship to the planet that I need to go to etc. I have the latest patch installed as well. I seemed to have ran into this problem a little after this patch was installed. I’m on PS4 as well if that helps