Fast travel to vehicle

Can’t fast travel to outrunner (at least while in the droughts) on PC.


What happens when you try, and how are you doing it? (Clicking on the map icon, clicking on the Cyclone entry in the Fast Travel list, etc.)

Me too. I am on PC. Can’t fast travel to my vehicle. Really annoying.

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Wait… I tried it last night and it didn’t work: thought it was a fluke (like if the map is at an weird angle, sometimes it won’t work). Let me double check here…

edit - it’s a thing! The (cyclone anyway… haven’t tried it with others) shows up in the Fast Travel list, but the ability to travel to it isn’t working. I’m on Steam… anyone on Xbox or Playstation free to see if this is system-wide?

Doesn’t work for me either. Unbelievable that they would release an “update” with that kind of bug. Not buying any add-ons until they fix this issue.

Fun fact: it still works on Gehenna (can Fast Travel to Jetbeasts). :man_shrugging:

It’s part of the general crap that the interface is in this game. If you close down the map and re-open it it might work. Sometimes you have to do it several times. It’s not only vehicles but all fast-travel points have issues.

I recently saw this issue emerge, but only after applying the latest hotfixes.

It only effects vehicle fast travel.

I learned early on to mouse or arrow over to the menu listing for my destination and make sure it highlighted yellow, and then used the appropriate keystroke (Q in my case).

The marque circled around white fully, at which point it should travel, but it does not. It just goes back to the opaque blue. No matter how many time you try, or reopen the map menu it fails.

I tried in Love Guns and Tentacles and it still failed to work.
I tried in Bounty of Blood and had success and a few failures, but that catch-a-ride is a different set up and required fully entering the UI to spawn a jetbeast.

Ive noticed it happens on ps4 too; although i found if i move the map then reselect the vehicle I’m able to travel to it again
(Before this was only the case for traveling to sanctuary)

Just did a few tries and if you select the vehicle from the list it won’t work, but if you close the map and open it again and put the cursor on the vehicle itself it works. At least I can go into my inventory and change gear first try now. Before it took numerous attempts. 1 step forward 3 back.

In my case directly clicking on the vehicle didn’t resolve it either.

Some news?? I have been playing today and cannot fast travel to the vehicle in any way.

No fix that I know of, but if you go into the map, back out, and then back in, travel to the vehicle works. It’s a weird extra step, but it’ll get you there. I’m on PC (Steam), in case that makes a difference.