Fast Travel versus Opening Cutscenes

Why do the VH’s take a bus / train / rocket to their respective starting destinations when they could just fast travel?

EDIT: In BL1 the Fast Travel network is down until you reactivate it.

Because 2 and TPS needed a cool-ass opening scene.


Probably cause the locations weren’t discovered. Or maybe you cant fast travel from Pandora to Elpis

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I have a feeling Fast Travel, like new u stations, arent necessarily meant to be canon.

But in at least 2 TPS missions Jack asks you to “activate that fast travel machine”.

OP is assuming that Fast Travel technology has unlimited range.

It would seem that you cannot use it to travel between different planetary bodies.

From the Highlands to Sanctuary or from the surface of Elpis to Helios? Sure. Between Pandora and Elpis? Maybe not so much.

Why just travel when you could travel in style. Or something.

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I bet it’s either something like what @miles_wimbrow is saying or they will come out with a “fast travel is not canon” type thing like they did with new-U. Sometimes nice game mechanics don’t always make for the best practical world. Like skyrim has fast travel but at least there they make it clear that time has passed, you are just skipping the travel time.

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Yeah, or Fallout, etc, “fast travel” would always take a day or few, depending on the location.
Is the fast travel system vmentioned in any in-game dialogue in BL2 like it is in BL1 and TPS?


Excellent point!

So that explains the rocket in TPS.

But, in BL2, they may as well fast travel once they are on the surface of Pandora (well, once they found civilization). I know Jack was trying to bring them all together, but why would they accept a train ticket from someone if they could just fast travel?

Also, fast travel in Borderlands is said in BL1 to be directly tied in with the ECHO network and really seems to involve breaking down and re-digistructing travellers, much like the new-u system or getting beamed up or down on Star Trek. That would make travel time damn near insantanaaeous.

And even
If there are fast travel fees involved, werent the VHs all succesful mervenaries before coming to Pandora?

(sorry guys i spend WAY too much time thinking about Borderlands!)

Angel mentions it after Sanctuary takes off. Lilith phased it off of the fast travel network.

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Ah, right, thanks!

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