Fast way to grind to level 70?

So I used the quests in UVHM that are used for grinding when I was getting from level 50-60 (the sir hammerlock quest and guardian hunter). I tried to get my other character through the game but I’m stuck at the deadlift boss fight and have been spending time killing iwajira to grind which only gives 10k XP and takes me 2 minutes or so, which makes it a very long journey to level 70. Any advice? Thank you to anyone who helps.

Play the first mission (Welcome to Helios) quit and reset the play thru rinse and repeat. The first mission will be worth about 48K depending on your level and will get you about a bar and a half of XP. Might be boring but I think it’s the fastest way to level.


I know I’ll probably end up doing it anyway, but just reading that makes me want to shoot myself in the face or vent myself from an airlock!


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What about fastest that doesn’t involve resetting your playthrough? I really don’t want to fight Eclipse/EOS as Nisha again. :confused:

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My guess, guardian hunter or Iwajira.

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It’d be really nice if GBX would properly scale XP after TVHM, especially since it’s no longer only 10 levels to gain in UVHM. And it’s not like they forgot how to do it from BL2. ~800 XP for a badass is just… sad.


Hotdog arena in the claptrap dlc is the best way to level without melting your brain from boredom.

Depending on what spawns, each round will almost give you a complete bar, turning it in will completely fill in the bar if wave 3 didn’t. If ST spawns on wave 3 I think he gives a hell of a lot of XP too. So 10 rounds of the hotdog arena per level may seem like a lot, but it’s not always the same and there’s some good loot that drops very often too.


Guardian Hunter mission with a glitched Hyp shottie (preferably L4), yellow glitch at the spawn point: infinite autofire + auto level up, while doing something else. exploit much, yes.

So what your saying is that I have to go through the first mission, save the character that I want and then save and quit with the first player so I can keep repeating the mission?

Doing the intro mission gives 3X the Iwajira XP rate (1 1/2 XP bars vs 1/2 XP bar).

You just don’t get moonstones or weapons. But you’ll have all the moonstones you can carry after a few of the bazillion kills you’ll need, and weapons will only at the target level at the end.

Speed wise I think the intro is faster, even counting not pickup up loot with Iwajira, since it takes 3X with Iwajira.

Get a group of 4 players together and both go faster.

Watching the movies is what gets old with the Intro method. None of the skip movie methods seem to work.

It’s not fast. 7 runs per level unless you are playing with a higher level friend. That’s 70 runs to get from 60 to 70. Five minutes a run equals almost 6 hours. Good news is that you’ll get a lot of revive challenges done.
Tip: You can use a level 50 Moxxi laser all of the way through because of the life steal perk.

Beats the 20 runs from iawjira I need to get to level 65 :unamused:

Go through Birthday Cat and Racist Hotdog’s Arena but to atain mximum exp must be full cake in the middle button but be warned everything there will massacre you in a heartbeat if full cake

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If you just jump from the surfaces at Crisis Scar you can jump straight up to RedBelly more or less and he was a fast(ish) method for me to get my Wilhelm to 70 and my Jack most of the way when I was finishing off getting them to cap for the last few missions.

  • For those that haven’t tried this you run in from the door the Claptrap guards at Triton Flats.
    This will become your load point.
  • Then run to the small turbine before the large gate where the turrets spawn, boost onto the wall.
  • Run along until you get to the lights before the small hut where the Elite Jetpack guys spawn and the Badass does.
  • Jump from lights/building onto the room where the badass spawns
  • Boost to the walkway that leads to RedBelly.


Dude, sweet!


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quoting myself, this is still the fastest way.

I know that, but I stated in the original post that I already completed the quest and, therefore, can’t farm off it.

sorry man, i overread that.

I always thought I was adamantly against using save editors for myself,
but dude, leveling up in UVHM is paaaaaiiiiiiinnnnffuuuullllllll
Seriously, Gearbox, please fix this (or at least fix this for BL3)
So very painful

Hi, folks. Bringing this one back from the dead.
Trying to level up and using the fresh playthrough method just starts me at the intro, but with the level already finished up to fighting Flameknuckle.
I don’t have a reset option on the playthrough select screen. Just true vault hunter or regular mode.
What am I messing up?