Fastball buff? What buff? 🤨 (Gameplay test)

Am I missing something? If I’m wrong in any of this, I’ll take this topic down immediately, but this thing is still weak AF:

-Excuse me missing, it’s inevitable with the Fastball.
-Yes, hot fixes are applied.
-I didn’t have any gear with +grenade damage in the videos, but beforehand, I tried a Mindsweeper with the stat, and it didn’t seem to change much.

If the Fastball is not supposed to one-shot even the weakest enemies, what’s the purpose of it? The damage I do with any old regular gun is just better.

Edit: Also, I REALLY miss that satisfying “POP” sound when you hit something…


Äähmm… It says in the notes it’s going live by 12 pm PST… Are u maybe a lil early?

Pre-patch Fastball was 32K…now it’s 64K in the video, they doubled the damage, but I’m seeing no changes

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It got buffed, it’s just not anywhere close enough…


To make it viable it needed the same treatment it got in BL2. Somewhere around a 600% increase.


I was testing various grenedes in M10 many of them you can throw 11 at an enemy and see no effect to their health but take them out with two shots from your gun. Aren’t grenedes supposed to be more powerful than bullets?


The Fastball is only good non-mayhem(like most weapons)

Shadow of what it used to be unfortunately. They still have work to do.

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Yah, grenades (except a few) are really weak in BL3, which is so disappointing.


The fast ball require a x100 damage buff to be currently worth it. That’s saying a lot

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FYI, testing by Moxsy…it seems the same:

Jacob’s Estate, just tested it on normal mode…

With the buff took 6 to kill Dragon.
(Level 20, 1048 dmg)

I really wish grenades were awesome in this game. Borderlands 2 had so many cool options. Slag Singularity, Slag Transfusion, Quazar, Storm Front, Chain Lightning, Magic Missile, Fastball, the Seraph/Legendary MIRVs, etc. Honestly in BL2 I felt grenades were a really important part of my arensenal on every character. While the grenades in this game have some cool effects but I honestly just rarely use them. Without proper balance it doesn’t matter how creative Gearbox is, players just end up ignoring 90% of the items because they aren’t worth using, or even worse, just not fun.


Yeah, when they said just “increased damage” in the patch notes, you could get anything from 20% to The Lob buff (super broken). They obviously didn’t buff it to Lob levels. In order for them to be useful at M10, I would say that just about every grenade needs 100% damage increase, and some need way more than that - the Fastball needs way, way more.

That’s a shame…in BL2 that woulda been a 1 or 2 shot…

So true…Grenades in this game don’t ACT like grenades at all…


It should ricochet or do knock-back, if they don’t want to up the base damage. Maybe stun? But yeah, it’s not that impressive.

I always felt Fastball should do a sizable chunk of melee type damage on the initial contact followed by the explosion when it actually goes boom and do an additional 10,000% damage on that initial impact if it makes contact with the enemy’s beanbag… >.>

@UkyoSonoda @Talzar13
I just want the Fastball to be REAL, OG Fastball from BL2:

(Extra explosions after nade kill are Bloodsplosion, not the Fastball)


Holy Shirt!

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