Fastball for Maya

So I’ve read that the fastball is great for Axton after the buff , but I cant find any info about its usefulness for Maya.
Is it worth grabbing for her , and if so which element?

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The Fastball is also standard issue for Krieg. On others, it’s still an incredible grenade. My specific target for them is the skeleton mages. Otherwise just use them in lieu of a rocket launcher - so any and all elements. They’re pretty easy to come by ( from Boll near the Marrow Fields if you didn’t already know ).

It’s not a bad grenade on anybody, really. Any element is good, but corrosive is nice to have. Pretty easy farm from the Three Horns fast travel.

Forget the curveball Ricky, give him the heater.

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It’s strong for everybody because it’s the highest damaging grenade in the game, but Krieg and Axton like it particularly because they can buff explosive damage and crank even more out of it. I’m not that accurate so I prefer other stuff with Maya, but you can make the fastball work with her.

If you like it, it’s fine for her. I have a couple but almost never use them. There’s always another grenade better suited to what I want to do. Usually the Storm Front, sometimes a Quasar, etc. But it comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

It’s fine, but Maya gets more out of utility grenades than pure damage ones:

She has no grenade skills and No splash buffs

Most Maya players I know would rather use a Quasar or an AOE grenade instead

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I guess its not worth farming for until I get back to my axton or krieg then.

Fastball is great on all characters, I think. Great damage on single targets before finding those extra synergies with character skills and abilities.

If for Maya, then maybe if you aim it right you can get multiple tartets within it’s splash radius after pulling targets together with phaselock. Just an idea I threw out randomly.

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No reason you shouldn’t farm one up and try it out, just to see what it’s like. Element doesn’t really matter, and you can always pass it along to Axton or Krieg. I think the the main reason you don’t see more characters using it is because for the longest time you couldn’t actually get Boll to drop it.

I tried about 10 times to get it with no joy , thats why I wanted to see if it was worth it.
I think I must of pi**ed of RNGesus recently.

It’s a 1 in 10 chance, so you just need to try a few more times…

Element does matter, especially on character like Maya who has no special skills/class mods to boost grenade or specific elemental damage like Axton and Krieg has. You need to match element because you will run out of grenades pretty quickly before killing anything. Also : [quote=“mlociks, post:9, topic:1558965”]
If for Maya, then maybe if you aim it right you can get multiple tartets within it’s splash radius after pulling targets together with phaselock

So overall Fastball its pretty good with Maya. You just need to match elements. Another also is that Maya is very good to learn mechanics for Fastball. Because when enemy is Phaselocked you have easy target so you can see how much delay has throw after pressing a throw button, how fast Fastball travel and how much explosion radius it has.

In the general case, yes. In this specific case though it doesn’t really matter because the OP is just trying it out. So, the first one that drops is good. If it’s corrosive, test on armoured, etc.

Random is streaky. Another time you might find one on first try.

Ha. Just got an explosive one on my next try.
Had a quick mess around and holy sh*t its brutal.