Fastball Grenade

I try not to farm to many things but I thought I would give Boll a go in UVHM. Tried about 20 odd times but the random gods were not smiling,

What’s the experience of others im terms of number of runs to get a fastball?

It averages out to 1 in 10 odds. That doesn’t preclude the possibility of a run of 20 (or even more) failed trials. I’ve been collecting stats on it as part of another post over in the Loot and Weapons section. You’ve reminded me that I need to go and update that post!

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Thanks. I know random is random, but he has been pretty horrible, Most times its just a bit of XP, not even a drop of cash or loot. Lucky the run is very quick, and of course the drop rate was improved in the last update (i think) but goodness. I guess I need to just keep at it…

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Boll and Savage Lee are “Badass” tier runnable bosses, so they really don’t have much in their loot pools at all. They do have a chance to drop an additional item of any rarity, but the odds are those of the world drop loot pool so quite rare.

Boll is often considered stingy. I’ve farmed him 3 times and got two fastballs, but other times i’ve farmed him ~50 times and maybe got 2. Just RNG, unfortunately.

Ditto what everyone else said…just the luck of the draw. Good news is the Fastball and Harold are quick farming runs in a condensed area…Thank you, Gearbox!!!

He’s usually fairly generous with me although getting a full set can take a long time. Keep at it. I hate farming, but I am glad Boll was fixed!


(Which post?)


Honestly, pretty good. But getting the right element is a different story.

The only element you want really is Explosive or Corrosive, and for what it’s worth i’d say they are my most common drops.

This one:


i farmed for an infinity a little while back. And it took about 30 kills before he dropped it.

Just last night, 20 runs : no FB and one Harold. The 10% always holds though.

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Last night Boll droped an OP8 shock one during the mission with a Maya. I find stuff on toons i don’t want or need it for, and less when i’m farming for something, and somehow i think the Bl2 gods know this :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. How many times in the past 2 weeks have I read a post about farming a Bitch to get a Sham? ( answer : quite a few ).

The only saving grace to that disastrous run was that I didn’t want a FB, just a Harold - but why not if I’m there already?

Side note : I’ve had just as much ridiculous good luck with farming too. Hornets, Kerblasters, Maggies, et al. - often within a few tries. Saying this is redundant because everyone has had the same experience.