Fastball/Hybrid Zer0 Build - A Work in Progress

Shotgun Zer0, My favorite type of Zer0.
Grenade Axton, My favorite type of Axton.

Here I am, after quite a while of farming and testing with Grenade/Shotgun Zer0.

The Build -

The Gear -


  • Norfleet - All Maliwan, Puissant prefix :fire:corrosive :zap: And you get a 2nd wind and you get a 2nd wind AND YOU ALL GET 2nd WINS. Its the literal Oprah of 2nd wins

  • Grog Nozzle - Maliwan Grip, No sights, Evisceration Prefix Its my personal favorite slag/healing tool, just shoot it at an enemy, throw a fastball and watch it die.

  • Heart Breaker - All Hyperion, Practicable prefix :fire: Its a Moxxi shotgun, why wouldn’t I love it?

  • Ravager - Torgue grip, Hyperion stock, Torgue Sights, Casual prefix :boom: Best Torgue shotgun on Zer0. I prefer it over the SWORDSPLOSION because it doesn’t kill you when you use it right in a bandit’s face

  • Interfacers - All Hyperion, Practicable prefix :fire:corrosive :zap: Great shotgun for running peak with, not else much to say on it

  • Twister - Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock, Jakobs sights :zap: Best b0re-ing shotgun IMO

  • Pimpernel - Maliwan grip, Hyperion stock, Optional Sights :fire:corrosive :zap: image For raiding, that is literally all I use these for

  • Norfleet - All Maliwan, Puissant prefix :fire:corrosive :zap: (I only added a 2nd set of Norfleets in case you’re feeling spicy and want to have 2 norfleets a grog and a shotty :smirk:)

  • Conference Call - All Hyperion, Practicable prefix :zap: (Just for killing Son of Craw)

  • Rapier - All Vladof, Rabid Prefix image (Just added this in case of a duel challenge :wink:)

  • Bitch - Ridiculously accurate SMG, with hidden crit bonuses. Whats not to love? :fire:corrosive :zap:

-Class Mods

  • Succinct Professional - 6 Ambush, 5 Killer Ambush is amazing, it boosts ALL damage types (Super Useful for grenades) by 44% with this class mod.
  • Legendary Hunter/Killer Killer is better for mobbing, because of the crit damage, and the skill boosts. Hunter is better for bosses, because of the health regen, the cooldown, but this build is not a raiding build.


  • Big Boom Blaster - I’m horrible with shield parts, but try to get one with 22.1% booster drop chance :fire:corrosive :zap: Try to get one in all elements, but if you can’t, then just get a shock resist one. This shield is what allows this build to work with Zer0. Free grenades, decent capacity, horrible recharge delay/rate, but Grim can partially make up for these.

  • Antagonist - Try to get one with 50% deflect chance, 880% deflect damage, and 49% damage reduction This is all around the best shield for when you don’t want to use grenades (at least for bullet enemies.)

  • Blockade - Best raiding shield for Zer0 IMO, try to get one with 1.79 delay
    Free damage reduction, most raids don’t use bullets. My personal favorite raiding shield on Zer0.

  • Evolution - For when you’re fighting Pete or Dragons Elemental Protection, great for elemental bosses!

  • The Sham - 94% bullet reduction preferable 2nd best bullet mobbing shield. Lacks slag which is why I put it at 2nd place, under the antagonist.


  • Bone of the Ancients - 47% cooldown, 39% elemental damage :fire:corrosive :zap: Best relic for Zer0 IMO, the cooldown is amazing with the Leg. Hunter, and the boost to elemental damage works hand in hand with the fastball’s ridiculous damage.


  • Fastballs :fire:corrosive :zap: Highest damage per shot item in Borderlands 2 (I think)
  • Longbow Slag Transfusion - x8 multiplier is preferable, 0 fuse time is a must image Used for healing when you aren’t grog-fastballing
  • Longbow Singularity - Level 20, 0 fuse time Element doesn’t matter for this, as it’s mainly used for when your friends challenge you to kill hyperius without a raiding build :sob:
  • Magic missile - Low level, so you don’t kill yourself Its free grenades while not in combat. Why wouldn’t you want these?

The strategy for this build is simple, you execute towards an enemy, kunai, slag, fastball.

If you’re running pure shotty, just slag, execute, murder.

For raids, use the pimpernel, go for those juicy b0re’s.

This is all vanilla game, since I play on console :cry:

I really want to hear what you guys have to say and think about this build!

(This is not a raiding build. Purely mobbing and peak runs)

If you guys wanna see this turned into a raiding build, let me know!



Looking good!
A few recommendations :

  • If not using Pimps and Twister, I’d recommend a point in Velocity for use with the Leg Killer. The point can come from Fearless.
  • Unforseen! It works great with all the big-bore shotguns like the Twister. Pair that with a shock Bone. Take all the points from Fearless. If using ranged shotguns (Hyperions) then obviously it does nothing.
  • Orphan Maker, Coach Gun and Triquetra are great for such a build especially with :
  • Legendary Sniper - every skill it boosts is perfect for big shotguns, plus the COM’s added gun damage (not just snipers).
  • also I hate to be that guy to stir up a parts debate, but the Dahl stock is better on the Pimp than the Hyperion for sustained fire.

Where is your slag coming from? Since you can throw grenades (Fastballs) without breaking Deception, you definitely want to slag before throwing the decoy. I presume you’re using the Grog for this.


Yea, the slag comes mainly from the grog, and sometimes kunai depending on the elements. I never knew that the Leg. Snipers gun damage buffed ALL guns, I’m gonna have to pick one of those up. I would’ve used an Orphan Maker, if not for the self damage, I just couldn’t manage that :sob:. I’m gonna try Unforseen again, it was a fun skill, but the damage kinda felt meh at Op 8. I’m also gonna try getting a Dahl stock for my pimpernels, seeing as I reset my playthrough on that Zer0 last night :rofl:


Yeah, the ROM requires management ; but if you can one-shot your target, Grim takes care of the self-damage ( to the shield of course ). No spamming allowed obviously.

Unforseen does get noticeably weaker at OP8, but still quite strong. If your going to abuse it, it definitely needs a shock Bone. At sub-OP levels it doesn’t even need 5/5.


Sounds like a challenge, I’ll try the Orphan Maker soon.


A couple of things that I want to comment on.

One Shot, One Kill is great when you’re using guns that only fire two or three times before a reload is required. On the Hyperion shotties, it will add very little to the mix. Precision and Velocity are better choices, imo.

While I totally understand your reasons for picking Fearless, I kinda wonder how often it’s actually saved you. If a Norfleet blast won’t kill them, then I’m fairly certain that the extra damage from Fearless won’t make a difference in the long run. Sure, there might be occasions where it actually matters, but I think you’ll benefit more from Unforeseen, as suggested by @Jefe.

Even though the build is heavily focused on Fastballs, I have to wonder if you really need the Big Boom Blaster. Dead enemies drop grenades too when your stock is low. You also have the Magic Missile to re-stock in between fights.


I use the Big Boom Blaster for the extra grenades mid combat (also helps for when I miss my fastballs), and Fearless is less for the damage, mainly for the fire rate on my Norfleets.


I’ve re-built this, moving some points around. Here is the updated build -

I’m gonna record some gameplay of it at the peak and hopefully it will be done sometime tonight.

I also got some Hyperion Plasma Casters, and a deputy’s badge


That gear seems… excessive for mobbing, even at OP8 (and that’s a lifetime of farming/bartering if someone wants that gear legitimately).

Still… shotgun/grenade Zer0 is pretty fun.


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