Fastball/Hybrid Zer0 Build - A Work in Progress

Oh ok, heres the link

I switched the spec and gear a bit, also I know my fire norfleet isn’t perfect ;-;


Well… Here’s what I’m thinking… The name of the build should be different, coz…

  1. No shotguns. Not even one equipped.
  2. FFYL much? OMG!!! I counted 11 (eleven)second winds.
  3. None of the bosses, except WoT, were killed with a Fastball (or a shotgun).
  4. All the bosses (except WoT) were killed with the Norfleet.

Even though you made it all the way through, it was a high risk operation. Zer0 is sqishy enough without standing in the thick of everything with a great big “Shoot-me-in-the-Face”-sign hanging around his neck. You also need a better slagging tool. Slagging the enemies before going into Deception is vital when there are several of them around you.

Yes, you need it! The constant spamming of both grenades and RL’s says so! Initially, i thought you’d use shotguns up close, and snipe with grenades. That would have saved you a lot of grenades.

And last, but not least. Since I am a Community Smartass, I would like to suggest a couple of names for the build. I am a cheeky bastard, after all! :wink:

NorFFYLeet - It’s a way of life dying
The Suicide Lunatic - Run up to your enemies, and hope you remembered to equip your NorFFYL…

All in all, I don’t think that this is a build that doesn’t work. I just think that it should be played differently. Use a Pimp as your slagging tool, and make sure they’re all nice and purple when you go into deception. Then it’s time to bring out the Fastballs. Mop up what’s left with a nice shottie, and you’re good as gold.


Lol I love the new names, it was originally a shotty/fastball class, but it changed a lot since I stopped using the ravager, I did go into FFYL a lot I’m gonna try a different setup later today, using Jakobs shotguns, gonna do another southpaw runthrough. I also need to manage deception a lot better, I was dying waaayyyy to much that run after I watched it. Also, what Jakobs shotguns should I try (Other than the Orphan Maker?)

Edit: I’m gonna try the Quad and the Coach gun to start, then the Triquetra.


The Quad is a pig compared to both of those. I’ve used the Quad over and over with various characters and have been consistently disappointed.

The Triquetra’s fixed spread gives it good accuracy so you can easily concentrate fire on the crit spot. Obviously Jakobs’ strength lies in crits and a Quad is only good at body shots.

Doc’s Coach is even better. It will easily give you the same or more damage with half the ammo, so long as you’re accurate.

A Bushwack is good too - certainly better than a Quad.


Got you, I’m farming a coach gun right now actually :slight_smile:


Quad, Bushwack or Coach Gun… It really depends on how close you want your enemies to get. If you want them close enough to shake their hands, then a Quad would be my choice. Doc’s is the prefix to look for. But none of them comes even close to what a Ravager can do up close. The downside to it is the firerate. But in the long run, I’d have to go with @Jefe. Get a Doc’s Coach Gun!


I subbed. Share more gameplay…

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I will, making an updated build atm

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