Fastball Peak Run....Hypothetical

If I wanted to do a Peak Run with mainly a Grenadier/Fastbaal build…got some questions.

It would be a BBB and Magic Missiles to recharge Grenades besides enemy drops and chests.

Here’s a list of the enemies I can remember and what Element of Fastball/BOA I believe will work best but I am not sure

Is this correct???..and feel free to add/change
Surveyors = Corrosive
Bots/Tanks = Corrosive
Turrets = Corrosive
Scorch = Shock
Saturn = Corrosive
Bonehead = Corrosive
Any non shielded enemy with red health bar = Fire
Not real sure on the Assasins:
Oney = Resists Explosive so then Corrosive??? Fire??
Rouf = Fire???
Wot = Fire??
Reeth = Fire???
Dukinos Mom = Corrosive
Constructors = Corrosive
Black Queens = No Clue…I usually just blast them with a Swordsplosion
Doc Mercy = Again…no clue as I just blast him with Explosives
OMGWTH = Corrosive
Blaster Nomads = Again…no clue
Slag Badass Skags = ???

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There was a thread about how the peak enemies aren’t effected by matching elements. Maybe go check it. And if that’s the case I guess shock would be the best for most things.
Edit; forgot about explosive lol

Wow…news to me…can you link me to it??

If I can find it.

is this it

I believe so

After I read that Post…changes my approach…somewhat…and it appears I have been using the correct stuff out of pure dumb luck and ignorance…LOL

Corrosive and Explosive best bet on virtually anything except Oney

And that’s what I use…

Got lucky I guess…

The question would be…does it factor in an Explosive Damage Relic? Which in some cases is treated as an Element…and others not?

would Explosive fastballs with an Explosive Damage Relic actually be better than other Fastballs at the peak??

Yeah after reading that and finding fire to be useless I was glad to have an explosive build.

Explosive works on 99% of enemies.Constructors are INCREDIBLY resistant to grenades, though, so keep a corrosive Kitten/Hail handy for those. OMGWTH might be too.

I need to take my Axman through the Peak, honestly. Could be fun.

Surveyors are very vulnerable to corrosion but only after they’ve lost their shield- I use a shock SMG and then when that’s done switch to a corrosive pistol.

If you’re feeling adventurous I also seem to remember an experiment with Quasar grenades to keep them under control as well

I’ve done this before… its not a pretty run. You will be running around scrambling for grenade ammo like crazy. But it is very effective to use explosive on pretty much everything besides Oney. My backup loadout was a DUPH, Twister, Swordsplosion, Corossive pimpernell (for OMGWTH and Saturn). And a Leg. Engineer or Leg. Soldier class mod for when you need the turret out more.

Does anybody know if Explosive Fastballs benefit from an Explosive Damage Relic??

At the Peak??

It’s an Element…but it isn’t an Element…

Game treats Explosive weird sometimes

Not 100% on it, but I do believe an explosive relic will increase explosive fastball damage.

I don’t think this makes a difference. Fire element is useless on the peak, but explosive works as it should.

So I guess what I am getting at is the BEST Fastball for the Peak would be Explosive…

Except on Oney where it could be anything BUT explosive.

Yes that’s proabley your best bet. Also are you gonna record the run if u do it?


But will try it with BAR on first…LOL

My BAR is …OK…about 20% each.

Not massive…but OK and it’s a nice perk at OP8.

If your bar is only 20% each I would just leave it on. Your already doing op8 peak with only fastballs and axton. Its not a time trail unless you just want a bigger challenge