Faster Character Release Schedule?

As many previous topics have mentioned BB’s playerbase isn’t all that great in number.

The DLC characters are being released (I think) months (at the very least several weeks) apart.

With these two things combined would it not make sense to speed up the release schedule so that the later released characters will be released to a larger community?

(This assumes that the majority of work on the DLC characters has been completed and they are fairly close to complete.)

3 weeks from launch and we got a new hero. I think only maybe LoL had heroes come out that fast and that was only when it was still new, definitely not the case anymore.

You need to give the game time to settle down after a hero is released, analyze the data and see if the new hero is breaking anything/sucking too hard. Why release a bunch of garbage heroes in rapid succession or a bunch of OP ones?

3-4 weeks is pretty good(and standard) for a MOBA-ish game.

The community we currently have isn’t going anywhere. It takes time to develop these dlcs. I want a working product when it comes out, not a rushed broken piece of code. Just relax, the game is going good and steady right now.