Fastest Ancient Dragons Kill With Siren At OP0?

My fastest kill with my Siren is 5:18. And this is in fact, without using any exploits. I was wondering if there is a faster Siren Ancient Dragons kill at OP0 or OP8, without the use of any of the known exploits?

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According to the time trails spreadsheet


Damn, I was hoping I had the fastest kill in that category lol. Still, if that spreadsheet is up-to-date, then I should now be in the top 3 for Ancient Dragons OP0 Maya Time Trials :smiley: .

Considering that millions of people play / have played Borderlands 2, I am sure someone has gotten a faster legitimate kill time. I rarely pay attention to something like the time trials spreadsheet or even YouTube videos to determine rankings, because they don’t take into account everyone who plays Borderlands 2. An overwhelming majority of Borderlands 2 players have probably never even been to this Forum or the old one. To know for sure, GBX would have to host servers like Bungie does with Destiny. That is how Bungie knows who is first to complete newly released Raids or who has the fastest Raid completion time. That being said, congratulations on your time! If I end up fighting the Ancients Dragons in my game, it will likely be to farm Seraph Crystals at Level 72 OP0 with my OP8 Siren and OP8 gear.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: I wasn’t even trying to do a speed kill, it just happened lol. You’re probably right, but until more people come forward with their times, I’m number three :3 .