Fastest and most efficient way to level up?

Just asking what is the fastest and most efficient way of leveling up? i’m currently lvl 42

Personally I simply went TVHM and slapped on M1 as soon as possible (might not be an option…works on PC not on console) and used the ingame goals to distract me on the way to 50…worked well enough and I was 50 by the time I left Pandora…those quest rewards scale really nice.

But I guess if you dont mind farming and are out for pure efficiency scaling up Mayham as far as you can and grinding the arenas will be faster (probably more loot as well)

solo, probably offline graveward
if you got friends, maybe slaughter?

Offline, Jabbermogwai on Eden 6, voracious canopy zone. Get a good cryo gun and fire gun, just keep making him replicate with the cryo and melting him with the fire. He’s easy to take down even on m3 even down in the level 30s, plus you’ll probably get quite a few legendary drops.