Fastest leveling method to 50?

On my first playthrough with Fl4k I did most of the side missions and crew challenges along the way. It seemed to sort of take a while. Now I’m leveling Amara and I decided to skip all side missions to see how much faster I could hit 50 and then I could focus on side missions in TVHM but I don’t really feel like I’m leveling that much faster if at all. I am still sort of going out of my way for most crew challenges (logs, claptraps and radio towers) so maybe that is what’s slowing me down but I thought the XP boost from them was worthy of the extra time but not sure now.

What have others found to be the fastest way to 50 (playing solo)? I had planned on leveling up Fl4k, Amara and Moze but if I count TVHM on each of them that is 6 playthroughs of cutscenes and stuff…not sure I’m going to be doing that unless I can at least find a more efficient method of hitting 50.

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Have friend inv you to a TVHM M3 Slaughter

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No matter how fast you level with methods outside of doing the story missions, it seems that you need to run through the story missions to unlock the class mod and relic slots (maybe the weapon slots, too). And, of course, if you want Mayhem you’ll have to beat the story altogether. So it’s probably best to just bite the bullet and get it done.

Exactly. That’s why I asked in the OP about the fastest way to 50 (playing solo) and not being power leveled. I’m just sort of curious what the most efficient way to do that is for the most XP bang for the buck. Only story missions? Story + side missions? Only story + crew challenges? Or maybe something else.

Do the story missions, farm bosses for weapons and xp. After you’re done with the game, play mayhem 1 and farm bosses or proving grounds, or the circles of slaughter

Story first, dont do side missions because it’s pointless when all your side missions will scale with you once you beat the story. After you finish the story, go on mayhem 3 and do the cistern of slaughter, it is by far the easiest of the 3 arenas. You will get to 50 in under a hour after the story which you can probably finish in 10 hours or less. This is the fastest way unless you use a friend who is already 50 to boost.

This is the best way? I can’t get past the 3rd wave and I’m not exactly getting good XP for dying repeatedly. I do see this as a quick way to relieve myself of all my cash, however. I’m not even on M3…just M2. I’m just taking way too much damage.

Just pick up the scaled loot from the enemies in the arena. The enemies, loot, and you should all scale up as you proceed through it. They should drop lots of purple stuff and probably some legendaries and you can use all of that because as you level your old gear will become useless especially in the mayhems. Also check and see what mayhem modifiers you got, that can play a big factor into you having trouble. Generally the arenas are the best way to farm for xp.

If you are offline you can also try farming the Billy’s in the ambermire. There is 4 of them and they each reward like 200k xp and they are right by one of the spawns. Only problem with them is they can be tough to deal with especially on the mayhems where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I might just have to go back to TVHM missions or something. Maybe I don’t have the skill or gear or whatever to solo this stuff. I been doing this almost an hour and not a single level let alone level 50 so doesn’t seem like it’s working that well for me. Maybe I’ll try again when I hit 40 or something.

Well i actually powerleved a Fl4k on an alt account, and then used that one to powerlevel my other 3 characters on my main account (doing graveward in Mayhem 3).

This makes running the story to unlock the weapon, classmod and relic slots so much faster.

The absolute fastest way is to play split-screen offline. Go to the Floating Tomb on TVHM/Mayhem Mode 3. Each Graveward kill nets 242k XP. You’ll level up from 1 to 50 in less than 20 minutes.

Is this a highly cheap exploit? Yes, but you asked for the FASTEST.

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Don’t think split-screen is an option for PC. Also, are you just saying for a higher level character to power level you? If not, what is the purpose of split-screen or being offline?

I’m referring to consoles, sorry didn’t realize you’re on PC. Yes, this method requires a higher level character.

If you’re playing solo, on PC, the method is the same, just slower. Disconnect from the internet, and then load the game. Farm Graveward on MM3 for 242,000 xp per kill. Still faster than any other method that I’m aware of.

Playing offline disables the hotfixes, and thus Mayhem Mode 3 gives 900% more XP.

I finished the game with FL4K at about level 43 or 45, can’t remember that was a while ago. I used the Creature at the dam in Homestead to Level up to 50. There is a Save point right outside of the fence for this area. You get to kill about 12-20 other enemies on the hike to the location along with this mini-boss. I was running an artifact/rune that boosted XP. Those last 5-8 Levels took me about an hour or so to earn. After that I used Lavender Crowley to boost my Guardian Rank focusing on Gun Damage and Critical Damage making my character stronger so farming bosses wasn’t a complete slog on Mayhem 3.

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Yeah, my first character was Fl4k and I did a lot of side missions so I was about the same level when I finished my first playthrough…somewhere mid 40’s. However, on my Amara playthrough I have skipped almost all side missions and I was only 38 after finishing. Don’t think I remember this creature at the dam but will look it up.

Are you talking about Vermilingua? The mob associated with the side mission to find Pa Honeywell? If so, does that mob spawn regardless of the mission or do you have to quit out before turning quest in?

Tried cistern of slaughter on M2. Couldn’t even get to 3rd stage. Decided to try Graveward but can’t kill that on M2, either. My guns seem to do almost no damage to Graveward or even the random mobs that spawn so I can’t even get a second wind. Amara’s AS selection is also useless against this boss. Everyone must be really good at this game or I really suck.

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What weapon(s)/classmod/artifact are you using?

Just random crap. Nothing that great. I have a legendary class mod from Lilith and a legendary shotgun from her as well (last mission in her room after final fight). The rest of my gear is just random rares and epics. I do have a cash infused crossroad and venomous hornet that were great until recently but they are getting a bit low level so with mayhem modifiers they aren’t doing so great anymore but I can’t get better if I can’t kill anything.