Fastest / Most Effecient way to level from 65 to 72

So, I was supposed to be leveling up my Moze from 65 to 72 so that I could farm Maurice’s for a (Super) Shreddifier and a Rowan’s Call, but then the Olympics started and I totally forgot about it until today, and…I have about 36 hours to try to level up from 65 to 72.

What would be the fastest / most efficient way to do this (on Mayhem 11)?

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Scraptraps or Slaughter Shaft with Cartel event.


Agreed, m10 scraptraps with a recursion is how I did it, if your on ps4 I could power you through in under 10 minutes @ slaughtershaft later tonite

we got our first Gold medal after 97 years. yehey.

OT. Shaft and Scraptrap is the best with cartel. Plus a visit to the Villa for a change of scenery.

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OK, Slaughter Shaft may be the way to go then. Unless the Scraptraps are giving me a level every few minutes, I have a feeling I’ll get bored of it very quickly (though the Cartel event may change things up a bit).

Thanks for the offer; alas, I’m not sure now if I’ll be able to log on tonight as I have a ton of work work I gotta do tonight recently dumped on my lap… :grimacing:

Congrats! :weight_lifting_woman: :medal_sports: :partying_face:

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Also doing story and side missions is quick XP, so if you haven’t done TVHM, this would be a good time to hop in and do the first few missions for XP, reset your play through, rinse-wash-repeat.

In terms of the quickest missions to do, the main campaign is the fastest. After that it varies. I know Bounty of Blood seemed like it took the longest to finish an early mission to get XP and there wasn’t much mobbing along the way. Fustercluck allows for some mobbing right off the bat, and then in you go on the missions. For the older games they had a table with the mission XP values.

But Slaughters and Boss Farming and crew challenge: Hammerlock’s Hunt & Target of Opportunity Boss farming works too. Also be sure to get a Moxxi’s endowment for that bonus XP.

Here’s an old article about this subject on a site I didn’t expect to be doing video game coverage at all. Borderlands 3 leveling guide: How to level up fast

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