Fastest Non-DLC money farming methods?

So, lately I have been farming vending machines around the game because I like the element of surprise when I get a random legendary (even though I just got 2 of the same legendary grenades within 5 minutes of each other some how) and a constant issue I’ve been running into is that legendary cost ALOT off the shops, so I was wondering what the fastest legitimate way of grinding money in the game without any of the DLC’s seeing as how I just don’t have the real world money to splurge on a video game like this, even though I defiantly would if I could. sorry if I put this in the wrong section. :neutral_face:

Also if you just want to play the game and do some farming things and stuff just add me on PSN and tell me your from here so I don’t accidently ignore you, lol

PSN: Jasonjupiter

Farm Iwajira.

Guardian Hunter Mission; don’t equip mission grenade and kill enemy over and over.

If you can kill him easily, RK5. Just run in and out of his arena and he respawns, drops a decent amount of cash each time. Or the Sentinel because he drops a ton and there’s a bunch of crap to sell.

this, I get a lot of money and moonstones with this method, and IMO this is the fastest method other then maybe RK5

RK5 would be the easier one to pick up junk weapons to sell, the method I use and the Sentinel that you mention require pretty long treks to go back and forth between a vending machine

Does Guardian Hunter still make the game crash a lot? I would’ve probably said that, but last time I tried helping someone with it, it was terrible.

I know on Xbox 1 I’ve only had it crash 1 time. I know on the 360 I had it crash more, but was able to control the lag and crashing by having someone there to pick up the money/moonstones/ammo as they accumulate (I do that both X1 and 360)

On Xbox 1 as I’ve said, only had it crash once helping people, it’s set on UVHM, killing level 69 to 71 Guardian’s, 1 per 2 seconds to give you an idea

Yeah we pick all the crap up. I think PS3 and 4 are just worse with the crashing, my buddy was having to turn his BAR on/off every thirty seconds or so just to be safe.

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yea, I always advise that also just to be safe

I’d have to imagine RK5 is the fastest in terms of travel time/time to kill/time to pick up. Sentinel drops more, higher quality stuff, but without bypassing phases, takes so much longer than Rick or Iwajira. Plus Iwajira’s loot goes everywhere, Rick’s kinda just stays in basically one spot. And then with Iwajira having to exit out and load up the game again takes longer than riding the elevator up to Verago Solitude… Yeah. My point is that RK5 is probably the fastest of the money farms, if money’s all you’re after.

This money farming method is to quickly earn stacks for the “Money is Power” Jack’s skill… maybe it can help you. The video is in Italian but the process is very clear.

PS3 not so bad, but ps4, ridiculously awful crashing. To many bodies stacking and graphics can’t keep up.

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Yeah! What’s up with the bodies not disappearing?

they do disappear some on Xbox 1, though a person I was PL’ing sent me a screen shot of what looked like a few thousand bodies suspended in air just off the cliff

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it’s ridiculous on PS4, seems like none of them disappear. lol

I had one Crash on ps4 while leveling up by using the turret-methode in the robot facility. I had at least 250 dead bodies on-screen at the same time. First, the reload starts not working properly anymore at something like 100 bodies. It gets worse with time and then… Boom: the game crashes!

On topic: Best for money are Iwajira in terms of quantity and RK5 when you’re looking for the fastest run. I prefer Iwajira, cause of the Hail and the easier fight. For me at least, its the easier fight.