Fastest potential speed in TPS?

So I was thinking about it, and what is the fastest potential character speed you can get with gear. I know some characters have speed bonuses and with the right com can get boosted, so who is the fastest. No rocket jumping or grenade jumping, just pure speed? I know in BL2 it was the breakneck banshee mod on the Siren, but what about TPS? Thanks for your time.

Also, does anyone know who the best character with the rerouter would be? I was wanting to make it into a mini bee shield but I am not sure who has the best skills to get both a fast recharge delay and an increase to shield recharge. Just trying to bring something new to the game for myself.

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Movement speed its probably jack with a +winning com you pop your jacks and go sanic.

Rerouter prolly jack again if not claptrap.


Thanks, I did the math and the highest potential for a character in a solo game is Athena. With an eridian vanquisher class mod, and a kill while also having her aspis out she can get a 72% speed increase. Second highest was Claptrap surprisingly.

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Best set up for the Rerouter is with Jack. If I remember correctly…

  • Rerouter - Maliwan, Anshin, Anshin
  • Chronicler of Elpis
  • 3DD1.E
  • Quasar
  • Cryo Longest Yard
No healing skills because the Rerouter heals you and you shouldn’t be taking that much damage.

This is the best set up to instantly recharge your shield, and get the most out of it mobbing. You can’t get the Bee is the sense of rapid fire amp damage, but so long as you kill every shot and avoid damage, you get amp every shot no waiting at all.

Claptrap is reeeally good with it, but it is situational. If you spec into Saftey First (and preferably not ‘All the Guns’) the shield subroutine is actually glitched to give your shields a 0.0 second delay, and the Rerouter has a fast as ■■■■ recharge rate. Add in ‘Wax off, Wax on’ and his damage reduction and you can use it during heavy combat, giving you good damage and healing. I usually mob with it when I use the 88 Fragnum, and I just switch to the Reogenator when it’s the health subroutine.

  • Athena can use it to fight E&E with her invincibility, Conduit, and he does so much damage that 5/5 United Front fills it up.
  • Aurelia relies on Short Summer’s recharge delay. And the 50 stacks, which gives you -50% delay, I had in my E&E speed kill is really a big part of why that kill was possible.
  • Best Wilhelm has is 10/5 Energize for a random racharge every now and then.
  • Nisha’s is a one and done with Discipline.

The Gladiatrix should also boost both of Athena’s movement speed skills, if I remember correctly.
Getting it in blue would mean an 84% max bonus to movement speed.

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You are correct. For some reason the site I was using did not say that the Gladiatrix com existed.

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Hey so two things:

Now that salvador is level 80. He is by far the fastest moving character in the game. Auspicious Raider class mod plus a low level tortoise makes his movement speed base 50%, plus incite boosted +5. Then you have enough points for 5/5 bus that cant slow down. With boosted money shot this is a deputy build that is viable and super fun. The dark horse deputy with 162% movement speed.

I’ve been working it out recently and if you dont consider athenas melee capstone it’s actually claptrap. It uses the same mechanics. The madtrap class mod lowers shield capacity by a flat number and it boosts a movement speed skill. On a kill skill, claptrap can move at 94% if it has plus six deathtrap. Factor in a hyperventilater oz kit that increases movement speed and fire rate the less o2 you have, that’s an extra 68%. Inside you’ll want an acrobat oz kit that gives 74% movement speed for three seconds every time you slam. Clap trap is almost as fast as sal! But you need subroutines to get to death trap skill. The passive on the com is gun damage so it should be fine.