Fastest reload speed

What is the fastest reloading weapon that is NOT a Tediore ?

So far, I have Dahl pistols with matchng grip at 1.4
Is there anything faster?

for non tediore, that’s probably the best your going to get.

Yeah, that’s what GearCalc is telling me.
I can get 1.6 from Maliwan pistols with Matching grip… that’s as close as it gets.

dare i ask, why do you want to know which gun is the fastest reloading non-tediore?

Hyperion pistols can have 1.5. The Lady Fist can have that exact reload speed.

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Upcoming Gaige build without anarchy (I might not even spec it at all just to make a point)
I’m leveling up with just OK gear right now and I still kick ass.

I’ve done that at OP0, it was my mobbing build. I had to spec into anarchy once I started playing at OP8 (even then I just operate at the minimum 150 stacks), but a no-anarchy OP0 build is more than viable.

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I’m betting that what i’m doing right now is viable at OP8 without Anarchy.

I wouldn’t doubt it. You’re more creative than I am :P.

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reload spamming?

I’m testing if that’s needed right now. It might have no impact at all.

So far I’m using a gun with 1.6 reload speed and it’s working just fine.

I’ll start the bidding with Gwen’s Head, and we can find weapons that load faster from there? Dahl pistol, but hard-coded Tediore parts (plus it’s way fun to use).

edit - maybe… they’re pretty close to the Hyperion pistols mentioned above.

Dahl pistols with matching grip get 0.1 faster

So my money’s on the Hornet or Teapot right now.

Anyway, as you know more than anyone, it’s not that important since they don’t stack.

[quote=“Angelripper, post:5, topic:1052222”]
Hyperion pistols can have 1.5. The Lady Fist can have that exact reload speed.
[/quote]Got 1.5 for the Gwen’s Head and my Twin Hornet.

I guess I know why your asking this based on your other thread and I’ll address that later, but since you didn’t specify I’ll share my findings.

*Pics for parts

Even though Dahl pistols have the best base reload, there are other universal factors that can be taken into account to see what gun has the best reload across all characters w/out skills.
Hornet = 1.4

  1. Hyperion pistol w/ allegiance relic.
    Lady Fist + Hyperion Allegiance relic
    1.5 / (1+.4) = 1.0714

  2. Texas Orphan Maker w/ Sheriffs badge
    OM w/ Jacobs grip + Sheriffs badge
    OM w/ Tediore grip
    1.6 / (1+.48) = 1.081

  3. Maliwan Pistol w/ allegiance relic
    Grog + Maliwan allegiance relic
    1.6 / (1+.4) = 1.1428

But I assume this is for SaA spamming so you’d be better off w/ a Grog or a Rubi for slag and life steal. And either a bone for damage or allegiance for more SaA.

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Yeah, the relic slot is already accounted for.

I also thought of using a Texas Jakobs shotgun with Tediore grip. It has the advantage of having decent single shot damage and not requiring that I actually press the reload button :smile: It also can stack Anarchy unlike the other options.

The Grog or Rubi are still the best choices IMO.

In any case, later tests show that you cannot stack 2 EBs from the same source, so speed is not THAT much of a factor now.

I’ll probably carry both a rubi/grog and a Jakobs shotgun.

would it be worth it carrying a orphan maker and a black hole for nova and singularity spam?

EB scales off the original shock DoT, Else I would simply spam a shock lyuda and be done with it.

The Black hole is what i’m going for right now (that part is completely theoretical as of now, as I haven’t tried with it) but an AT LEVEL one would fire off a potent Nova, which in turn would proc potent DoTs.

Orphan maker is not necessary as staying alive is one of the issues i’m facing at this stage of development. Depleting a shield is easy when everyone around you is trying to do that.

shock or slag transfusion, tried and true, and the dot from the shock one might be decent.

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Grenades and shields are the best source of powerful DoTs.

But the Lightning bolt and Chain lightning are about twice as powerful in that department than anything else. they also regenerate.

I’m keeping the shock transfusion idea though, as my backup idea was a storm front or Quasar, and a transfusion will actively seek targets.