Fastest Reload?

Hi y’all!

I’m currently running a Fragtrap build/playstyle that relies heavily on Start with a Bang. Basically, rush in mag full, hold down the trigger until Start with a Bang activates, 'splode, reload, rinse, repeat, FFYL?, maybe, who cares, I’ve got Second Wind (by Tediore), plus these are the risks of being a glitched robot, it’s fun as hell, and also totally in-character. I’m not investing in One Last Thing, so mag size is irrelevant to me, but the faster the reload speed, the better.

So my question is, what’s the general purple gun with the fastest reload speed, and is there a legendary that’s legendary for its reload speed. Ok, that’s two questions. And also no question mark. You know.

Also, third question, any other gear other than guns that would synergize well with this? Avalanche and Black Hole seem to work well with mobs, Reogenator with bosses, similarly Systems Purge with mobs, Eddie with bosses. Other thoughts?


Too Scoops is great with SWAB, but I would avoid Scav for the most part because they have the reload speed of Bandit: slower than molasses going uphill in winter. Since you’re not using OLT, just shoot, reload, explode, repeat. Also, any cryo grenade with a low fuse time and a large AoE would work as well because frozen enemies take more damage from explosions. But Too Scoops and a Cryo grenade should see you through most mobs.

Thx. Too Scoops has always felt weird to me in this context, as you have to shoot at the ground to get the most benefit out of its AoE? Like, the delay is too long for it to be worth it? Or maybe I’m not using it right.

Just aim right at them. It only has two shots per mag, so you’ll be reloading quite a bit unless you’re using organized guns are happy. I stopped using the loadout because I use a Tediore shield and SWAB was pretty much killing me. I might try it again for grins and giggles now that I have more health. If you do find yourself going down too often, switch out the cryo grenade for a tesla - a Storm Front is the best for stacking Maniacal Laughter because few things resist shock and it’ll eat through shields, while corrosive is resisted by shields. A Quasar is a good alternative, just be careful where you throw it… :zap:

Actually shock is the worst element for stacking ML (fire being equally bad because it only works in atmorsphere). If your goal is to stack huge amounts of ML, use low level corrosive grenade. The goal is not to kill the target, but to benefit from DoTs and therefore stack ML for the whole 8 seconds of the corrosive duration.

the Torrent is a quick re-load and can be made even quicker by farming the the BAR and putting your points into “Reload Speed” as much as possible. see my post in this link for how I’m working my BAR perks, What’s your Pre-Sequel Badass Rank?

Are you emptying your mag every time or are you reloading as soon as the explosion occurs ?

In the first case, get a coach gun with a Tediore grip

In the second case, get a Dahl pistol with a Dahl grip or a Jakobs pistol with Jakobs grip. Avoid Tediore guns so you don’t waste ammo.

I would argue that cryo is even better than corrosive in that context.

It’s 6 seconds instead of 8 for corrosive, but few things resist it, and load and splode would get increased damage from it. It also stops enemies from moving.

The second case. Basically trying to find a nice rhythm of triggering SWAB, inflicting damage (preferably cryo, so if they freeze I’ll get the 3x explosive bonus) while waiting for the explosion, then minimizing reload time. Guess I’ll start looking for a purple Dahl pistol with cryo. Thx!

For the difference it makes in reload speed, I would use the frigida instead if you have ML. Much higher freeze chance and you can still spray it if there is a need. Dahl grip of course… I don’t remember if there is a reload speed accessory for SMGs… Will check when I get home.

Or the Taser would be a great replacement. Hyperion grip of course.

Other choices to consider are Dahl splitters and blasters. They usually have sub-2 sec reload and have a decent freeze chance.

Of course, when discarding cryo, a good Texas coach gun with Tediore grip is always a very nice choice as you won’t even have to release the trigger or manually reload.

Edit: the Blowfly is still a GREAT choice

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Skirmish prefix.

Right, thanks.

So Skirmish Fridgia with Dahl grip would be my #1 choice

If the old gearcalc is still accurate, it should have a reload speed of 1.9… pretty good :slight_smile:

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I agree that cryo is almost equally good element to stack ML. The reason why i prefer corrosive is because of Pandemic and Poopdeckz OZ.

The goal here is to use low level grenades (so you dont kill the target) but instead you want to constantly let it corrode / chill for the whole dot duration.