Fastest speed run time?

Just streamed my first ever speed run. Used Zero on lvl 72 on first play through mode so I was overpowered to make it faster. Managed to complete the main story line in 2hrs 55mins and even then there were a few mistakes I made. One thing that really stuffed up my time was weilhelm didn’t drop the power core after I defeated him so had to backtrack to Tundra then run through End of the Line…luckily the core was there second time round. Few silly errors made by myself…overshot claptrap running into heroes pass and had to go back to collect him and get the dialogue to continue. Also messed up something else…but was being too hasty and overshot the propmt to move to the next story line. All in all I think the main game can be completed in around 2hrs and 40mins…perhaps less? Curious to know what other times people have gotten.

Happy hunting: Thr33-Nin3s