Fastest way to get to level 70?

im on ps4 and nobody will help me level to 70 , currently im level 57, what can i do to level up? Main story giving nothing and im already done with Dlc

This is my plan, and it may help you out:

  1. Finish the DLC (although you say you’ve already done it)
  2. See what level I’m at and grindfarm (that’s a word now) the Darksiders/EOS until I’m lvl67 (unless I’m already there)
  3. If I’m 3 levels or less under Iwa and the Invincible Sentinel, farm those until I hit 70.

That’s what I’d suggest. Not sure what other people would say.

Restart the campaign. Nothing comes close to story missions when it comes to exp gains.

So I grind that area in triton flats where you spawn in?

UVHM is very slow in terms of levelling up. I finally made level 60 and I’m about half-way through the story, doing every side-quest that I don’t care about (which is most of them tbh - some of the blue uniques don’t really appeal.) I do all the scav camps around Triton Flats, but that gets boring. If you’ve unlocked the “Another Pickle” side quest, that mob respawns afterwards. There’s the Holodome, of course, with repeatable badass round, and the Multator arena. And Iwajira periodically, but he doesn’t really give the amount of XP I’d expect. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it to 70 without power-levelling at this point - I really don’t want to do the story twice over per character in UVHM. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was more story, but it’s just too short.

Yeah, i really just wanna get to 70 and then i wont mind doing those kind of things because im gonna farm for legendaries but at level 58 everything feels pointless.

Finish up all the non unique side missions if you aren’t going to reset UVHM, the XP can add up very fast.

Also, if you have the claptrap DLC, the hotdog arena is amazing for XP if you up the difficulty modifiers. Sometimes all you get are BA enemies for wave 2 and 3 and that’s a lot of XP for about 5 minutes of work.

I have self - powerleveled a couple of my toons using the “Guardian Hunter mission” in Vorago Solitude. Accept the mission, equip the mission specific grenade to get the quest started, then unequip it. Do not capture the Guardian, Kill it, it forever respawns as long as you kill it. I leveled a 67 “Jack” to 70 in around 1 hour, plus completing most all weapons BA challenges at the same time


This is how I leveled myself up. When the new DLC(Claptastic Voyage) was release I was at 60. I had already had my UVHM finished and the Guardian Hunter" mission was unlocked. I just sat there and ran through my ammo pools getting BAR challenges out of the way while leveling up. At that time, I used the Moxxi back door trick to get a “at my level” Vibra Pulse and continued till I hit 70. This was very boring but was very quick to get me to 70. Without the Moxxi back door trick, you’d have to farm/grind for better gear as you level up.

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I used a “Glitch” rifle from Claptrap DLC to do most of my self - power leveling , also completes a couple BAR challenges that way

Lol so in UVHM the vibra pulse will scale to your level?? Thanks for this trick

It does, but you can no longer get multiple ones per playthrough - just once, at the appropriate point in the story.

yes, but I am pretty sure they patched that trick. it is no more…:frowning: