FAT MAN FISTS 2.0 vs. True Guardian Takedown (M11)

Decided to update my most powerful build with the new purple tree that came out. This is definitely recommended for the raids, as it was able to perform very well. It’s the same skill point allocation as my hellborn set up so I’ll quickly summarize the skill points, and then go over the gear and gameplay loop.

Green Tree: Main focus here is trying to be super tanky while having decent damage for our melee, guns, and action skills. Therefore, we are grabbing Roots to Rise, Samsara, Find Your Center, Helping Hands, Arms Deal, Mindfulness, Guardian Angel, Jab Cross, and Blitz.

Red Tree: Here, we are going down her mostly for Sustainment, as Slams (and literally any source of damage we do) only receive healing through that skill and not Ebb and Flow. However, there are skills that are worth getting even for a melee build that isn’t using Phaseflare. Tempest, Anima, and Illuminated Fists all greatly benefit our attacks in general. We are getting Steady Hands, and 1 point in Infusion for our Facepuncher. Putting at least 1 point in Catharsis is very nice as it gets mayhem scaling. 4/5 in Wildfire helps spread dot and keep up our bonuses in the purple tree out longer. And 1 point in sustainment is enough for healing.

Purple Tree: Getting points in Heavy Rain and No Mistakes in Nature are no brainer, as it increase our damage outright. Unweave the Rainbow and go with the flow is very nice to have whenever they freeze (although they barely freeze in this set up, so we are just going down here mostly for the later bonuses and for other set ups I plan to cover). Combo Breaker is godsend, as we can have a chance to Phaseslam once again and keep up our anoints. Finally, one last point into Burn Both Ends. While smalll, it is multiplicative damage that makes us even stronger.


Pestilence Pistol: the shining star of the set up, this lets us spam novas and keep up Groundbreaker constantly, buffing both our melee and slams respectively. This gets even more wild, as it gets both action skill damage, gun damage, and splash damage bonuses. Amara can buff all three, which makes this one of the best “melee” weapons that rival the facepuncher, and even the psycho Stabber (side note: could be proccing expedite due to action skill damage, but i could be wrong, might have to test again). Best version that you can get is the Phaseslam 300% Weapon Anoint, and can drop from Sylestro in tanzaneer Ruins on Nekrotafeyo.

Unforgiven: this is mostly used for Crit swapping with the spark plug, and is absolutely ridiculous when using this tatic against scourge (more on that down below in the artifact section). Anoints can very, but I’ve been enjoying the elemental Crit one. Can be found on Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6 and drops from the IndoTyrant.

Brawler Red Suit: makes us immune to the novas the pestilence novas, as without it, we would get downed almost instantly. This also gives us the advantage of keeping up no mistakes in nature at all times. The one in the video had a cooldown anoint, but the best anointment you can try to get is Phaseslam 200% Melee. This drops from Atomic in tanzeneer ruins on Nekrotafeyo.

Brawler Ward: not seen in the video, but it’s an all purpose melee shield that gives the highest roid damage in the game. While there are now other options for mobbing, this suits a very nice role for bossing, especially with a Facepuncher. Best anoint is 200% Phaseslam Melee and drops from Graveward in the Floating Temple on Eden-6.

Zhev’s Eruption: Mostly for bossing, and can be used in a similar fashion as the Pestilence. Just make sure you aren’t too close to an enemy, as it does splash and can down you. Can drop from either Wotan in the Maliwan Takedown or the Titan in the Last Round of Slaughter Shaft. Anointment doesn’t really matter tbh. Mine just so happen to have Phaseslam 300%. Idk really know if it affect the debuff or not lol.

Facepuncher: Must have melee weapon for enemies that are out of reach, or whenever you are in fight for your life and have no guardian angel. Can also be used for speed bossing kills. This drops from Muldock the Anointed in Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6.

Muse: Best Melee com hands down. Also helps out in keeping up groundbreaker. At least 2 points in laid bare is recommended, along with cooldown rate and splash damage rolls. This drops from Evil Lilith in Castle Crimson, located in Krieg’s Mind in the Fantastic FusterCluck DLC.

Ice Spiker/Spark Plug Static Charge: slams can procc jab cross, which work very well for our needs. The ice spiker counts as action skill damage, and can keep samsara up at all times (huge for survivability and pestilence shenanigans). Can also do decent Cryo damage in this set up and can freeze outright when holding a 300/90 anoint, activating unweave the rainbow and go with the flow. Can even procc expedite on kill, which is very nice. Spark Plug is still very nice for sustainment use and stripping shields. It even can outright destroy scourge when an unforgiven is involved. Static Charge also boosts spark plugs damage and applies to the ice spiker damage for some reason. Can be found at Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6 and drops from Artemis the Jabber.

White Elephants: not used in the video, but can work very well for both the Face-puncher and Pyscho Stabber, especially for bossing. Can drop from Agonizer 9000 located in the Guts on Carnivora on Pandora.

Radiation Recurring Hex Grenades: mostly used for healing and procc OGT anoints at close range without killing yourself. Can also use radiation ASE’s to make yourself move faster after activating Phaseslam, as it will apply to your pestilence, activating Mindfullness and giving you full stacks. Can drop from the Sky Bullies on Eden-6 at the Anvil.

Gameplay loop: break both the eruption and pestilence and procced to Phaseslam, slam, and melee your way to victory. Use both melee, grenades, action skill, and slams to help keep the pestilence broken and slamming novas. It’s quite simply really.

I’ll add side notes later today regarding other areas that you should know when using this build. Let me know if there is any questions anyone has. Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy the build!

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