FAT MAN FISTS (Amara + Pestilence Build Level 65) M10 True Maliwan Takedown

This makes me feel things.

This is honestly an almagamation of different builds put into one, which is my own slam artifact approach, Moxsy’s Atom Bomb Build, and StoneSwan’s Black Swan’s Build. This can work with a variety of melee items, including the Brawler’s Ward, Stinger Shield, Brawler Plus Ultra, and the various stone+static charge and white elephants. However, this was just to showcase the the Pestilence Pistol, and how absolutely wild it is on Amara. Gear and build can be seen at the beginning, but will post gear and explanation for those wondering how all this works. Feel free to ask questions down in the comments. Hope you all enjoy!

Just wanted to show some mobbing is all. Here is what I have;

GEAR (Guns):

(Slot 1) Psycho Stabber (COV 120% Melee )OR Trick Unforgiven. (Phaseslam 200% Melee Damage OR 100% Melee Anointment) Both work well for Groundbreaker. Having the unforgiven out while slamming with the Spark Plug and the element can make your melee damage increase to ridiculous amounts. A COV Pistol with the 120% Melee attachment won’t be as strong (no critswap) but can still be very affective. Be ware of the lag that happens with blitz, however.

(Slot 2) Facepuncher (Phaseslam 300% Weapon): Great addition to any melee build, as some target cannot be simply punched. Gets both boosts from Melee and specific Gun/Weapon damage bonuses. Bullets are considered Melee damage, and so it can work with a variety of melee artifacts that Amara can take full advantage of.

(Slot 3) Pestilence Pistol (Phaseslam 300%, Phasecast 250%, OR Consecutive Hits) The star of the show, this bad boy can stack so much damage for Groundbreaker, it’s absurd. while it’s base damage is nothing crazy, the nova released on reload is what is doing the damage we are needing for melee groundbreaker. This is due to not only ithe nova stacking gun damage and splash damage bonuses, but it also scales with action skill damage. Amara has very good skills for stack from action skill damage, from both Jab Cross and Do Harm, and it can get pretty insane. Having Find Your Center can help us spam the nova, and they chain pretty well to do consistent melee damage. The nova can also be canceled by grenade tossing and slamming. Having the version with 80% melee certainly adds to our benefit.

(Slot 4) Any weapon you’d like to use. ( Preferably with 300% Phaseslam Weapon Damage, 200% Splash, or Consecutive Hits). This can be anything you’d like, but I personally like to use either a zheitzev’s Eruption for debuffs, ION laser for freezing armored enemies, or even a splash anointed cutsman for boosting damage from certain slam artifacts not showcased in the video (i.e. Hot Drop)

(Shield) Brawler Rad Suit (either 100% melee or 200% Phaseslam Melee): The one in the video is 20% action skill cool down, but a melee anointed one and is highly recommended. This shield is a must have for the pestilence, as without it, it will down you instantly with the nova it proccs. Having other elemental anointments that isn’t radiation will result in you getting downed as well, so it is gear specific to an extent. If you don’t wish to use the pestilence, having either a brawler Ward, stinger, or brawler plus ultra will work just as well.

(Grenades) Radiation Recurring Hex (ASE 50% Radiation OR on Grenade Thrown, 25% more damage to weapons, grenade and action skill): While not very strong in its self, this can help us stay dotted and keep up our speed with mindfullness and our cooldown shorter with the golden rule. The red suit helps us not down ourselves due to the radiation immunity ability it has. Doc Hina’s Miracle Grenade with similar anoints can help us stack groundbreaker, and an it’s piss can help debuff healthy enemies as well.

(Class Mod) Golden Rule: Best classmod for Phaseslam, as it can reduce your cooldown depending on how many DOTs you incur on yourself. 1 DOT can cut your cooldown in half, 2 DOTS will make it even shorter, and so on and so forth. Recommended rolls are 3/3 to Laid Bare and the other two points can go wherever. Other mods, such as Breaker, Muse, Dragon, or Driver are very good as well. The best rolls for any of these on white text would be Action Skill Cooldown Rate, Action Skill damage, Melee Damage, Splash Damage, and Splash Damage radius (Jacob’s Crit is great for Unforgiven)

(Artifact) Spark Plug Static Charge: Very good artifact for keeping Amara alive during Phaseslam and Meleeing, and can absolutely meme certain bosses like Scourge. Pestilence+Groundbreaker Abuse let’s us one shot groups with slam alone, so that also a big plus. Elemental stones work just as well if you do not want to spam slam like a madman and just want to do straight melee or just Facepuncher shenannigans (i.e bossing like Wotan). White elephants are also viable. Hot Drops in areas like Slaughter Shaft is also viable (will update on other slam artifacts).

Skill Trees: BRAWL TREE (In the video, I had 3/3 into personal space in order to proc. It doesn’t benefit our melee’s or the Facepuncher, which is a gun that doesn’t beneifit from this. However, I do believe that the guns mentioned in the fourth slot do, so if you wish to use these weapons, having points here is definitely recommended. If not, then these points can be moved elsewhere, and these are my recommendations); 2/5 Roots to Rise and 3/5 Clarity OR 5/5 Clarity OR 5/5 Roots to Rise: Taking advantage of Healthgate is top priority, and so having good health and healing abilities will be essential. 3/3 Samsara: Doing damage with our action skills can give both gun damage with our Facepuncher and better healing capabilities overall. 3/5 Arms Deal: Improves Amara’s tankiness and increases splash damage. This applies to slams, launchers, and white elephant artifacts. 3/5 Helping Hands: Damage reduction on a melee build is a must. 1/1 Find Your Center: Increases melee damage and melee range. Great for both meleeing and Facepuncher. 3/3 Mindfullness; While it may seem counterintuitive to use for Roid shields, the speed offered by this skill is a no brainer to use instead of Vigor, in my opinion. While vigor can give us speed on any kind of kill (not just action skill kills), it is much harder to maintain compared to Mindfullness, especially since the Pestilence will ensure that we have enough dots to keep up speed. Plus, the M10 enemy damage will have no issues breaking out shields consistently, so shield delay will not be an issue for us, even with a Brawler Ward. 2/5 One with Nature: More health and element resistance to action skill element is very benficial. When attuned to fire, this makes Amara very hard to take down when shields are down. 4/5 Jab Cross: This procs with both Slams and Melee, giving some gun damage and greatly boosts Action Skill Damage. 1/1 Guardian Angel: 1 point wonder. Makes Amara even harder to take down. Must have for many Amara Builds. 1/1 Blitz: More Melee damage. Makes quick work of enemies when Groundbreaker is active.

FISTS OF THE ELEMENTS: 5/5 Anima: Great for DOTs incurred, and can help reduce cooldown when they are applied on Amara with the Golden Rule. 3/3 Steady Hands: Helps Facepuncher accuracy. 1/5 Infusion: Gives Facepuncher the ability to apply attuned melee elemental damage, and lets it proc sustainment. Be aware, however, that while it can increase damage with the facepuncher when matching elements+stone artifacts, it can hurt the DPS of other weapons that you wish to use if you add more points here. Only 1 is needed for sustainment purposes. 1/1 Illuminated Fists: Melee does elemental damage of action skill element, and can be applied to Facepuncher with Infusion 5/5 Tempest: Multiplicative boost to Amara’s Damage overall. Applies to Amara’s guns, melee, grenades, and slam/slide artifacts. 2/5 Wildfire: Without indiscriminate, this is the next best thing, as helps proccs DOT from both slams, weapons, and action skills. 1/1 Dread: Helps out with Facepuncher and other guns if you use either Fist Over Matter, or Phaseslam and Phasecast with Stillness of Mind. If not, can be moved to Wildfire or Infusion 1/1 Deep Well: Increases magazine size for elemental gun of your choice. Also increases heat per shot for the pestilence, so if you don’t wish to run that added risk if the reload cancelling somehow doesn’t work out, or don’t wish to use other guns, then move to either Wildfire or Infusion. 1/3 Catharsis: This now gets Mayhem Scaling, and can be used to good affect, despite the cool down. Helps spread dots and does good AOE damage. 1/5 Sustainment: Only 1 point is needed, as M10 weapon damage is high enough. Melee and grenades can also activate this.

MYSTICAL ASSAULT: 3/5 Do Harm: Nice boosts to Action Skill damage. 4/5 Violent Tapestry: Only 1 point is needed to build Rush Stacks. However, more points let’s us freeze enemies using cryo damage more efficiently, so more is recommended. 3/3 Transcend: Accuracy is nice, Crit damage boosts spark plug damage and even melee if one were to punch a crit spot with using ASE’s.Facepuncher can benefit from this with white elephants, or even static charge and the right crit weapons parts but I could be wrong, it might be the ASE’s as well. Can stack twice. 4/5 Restless: More Cooldown = More Phaseslam 1/1 Ascendent: Boosts Action Skill Augements to great amounts. 1/3 Laid Bare: With the right rolls on a Golden Rule or Muse, this can be 4/3 and makes one shooting enemies with melee much easier. If you don’t wish to use those coms, they can move to somewhere else in the build.

GENERAL PLAYSTYLE MOBBING: (Downfall+Allure): Can pull aggro into your sparkplug as you levitate, creating a potential crit boosted, groundbreaker sitatuation. Easily stacks Samsara. Can be risky, but very fun playstyle IMO. Very long cooldown, but can be shortened with a well placed grenade. Works well in Slaughter Shaft, general mobbing areas and even in certain parts of both current Takedowns.

(Phaseslam/Fracture+Glamour/Soul Sap/Revelation): Generally the safest playstyle. Doesn’t get the crazy crit potential from Downfall but can still get good Groundbreaker bonus. Fracture is the weakest version of Phaseslam, but the fastest cooldown (Doesn’t proc Action Skill Start Anoints) Glamour is godsend in Guardian Takedown and the Bridge Section in Maliwan Takedown.

Both have similar loops, in which you break the pestilence to start the animation for the novas. Slam to procc jab cross, then phaseslam to procc all your anoints. Then, just go to town on the mobs in front of you. Make sure you are set up with the right elements to ensure melting (spark plug + corrosive melee for maliwan, hot drop + corrosive for COV).

BOSSING: (Phaseslam/Fracture + Glamour/Soul Sap/Revelation): See above

M10 Modifiers: [EASY] Slayer: Great for heals on Melee, but still sort of bugged when in FFYL. If you don’t like this, then Speed Demon (Great Movement Speed). Lootsplosion and More than Okay Boomer are fine too. [MEDIUM] Healy Avenger OR Floor is Lava (NGL, kinda annoying, but can proc Golden Rule cooldown) [HARD] Chain Gang (See above). Laser Fare is similar. [VERY HARD] Not the Face (Laughs in Unforgiven/Melee/Splash)

Hope y’all enjoy!