Fat Mike... build?

Is it possible? Yes. It is viable? Hahaha, no. Not at all.

I’m talking the orange-and-yellow skin, -movespeed, +max health gear.

it’s really only gear-determined. Fat Mike is best when paired with other mikes or even Whiskey Foxtrot (as long as Foxtrot is cooking.)


I see a problem with this idea:
FM is basically well fed Mike. This build will actually feed …the enemy team.
Also, FM is suppose to cheer up and provide all kinds of [moral] support to the team - well, he won’t if he’ll stay behind. But as he’ll obviously die a lot, he’ll have plenty of time to chat with team members, so maybe this is the way…
For your consideration

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Uhhh… fat mike is now a PvE build…

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This is why They’re afraid of you!

Fat Mike is the only man (or woman-man?) In the universe that knows what a Varelsi Hunter tastes like, and what wine goes with it.


A nice chianti and a side of Lima beans?

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Fat Mike: I thought so too at first, but a Merlot goes way better.

No, I got it. That’s why I played off it.

I thought you might, but I posted it for anybody who didn’t.

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Ah, cool that.

God, i HATE Hannibal Lector…