Fatal Error encountered on loading screen after intro movies

I encountered the following fatal error when booting up the game today. I’ve been able to play consistently since I bought this game earlier in the year, and this is the first crash I’ve experienced.

It happens on the claptrap dance loading screen after the intro movies from Gearbox and AMD.

Yeah, same here. except I make it just past the shift sign in screen, my character is digistructing in and BAM, crash.

I’m in the process of verifying my installation, will update.

Update: Used the epic launcher to verify my installation files and loaded into sanctuary no problem. If you have Epic or Steam I’d suggest giving that a try.

IIRC there is a scratch storage area within the game folders for temp data, which is where stuff gets written during the initialization sequence. You could try deleting out that temp data cache and relaunching. I think it’s been mentioned before in this section, so the search tool might find a relevant post.