Fatale vs transmurdera?

Why does my practive transmurdera look so much better as far as stats go? They are the same level but the transmurdera seems just to do better in general!

I’d need to see pictures of both in order to look at the parts to give you a solid answer. But the Fatale also has near instant max accuracy and 75% critical hit damage.


Don’t make the mistake of going strictly off sheet numbers.

My immediate guess is that your transmurdera is non elemental and therefore doesn’t have the damage penalty of having an element if youre looking purely at stats. It could also be that your Fatale has some poor parts or a meaningless prefix (like cutting edge) or something similar.

Regardless as far as actual performance goes, most of the Fatales DPS comes from its special critical hit damage, so if you aren’t getting crits, you aren’t getting the most out of your gun.

But as khim said, without pictures I can’t fully understand whats going on.

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What parts does your Fatale have? If you have a non-elemental, damage prefix, scav grip transmurdera, it will do more on paper than the Fatale.

Oh im getting crits! Thats why I love hyperion!

Maybe its just that in ultimate more is resistant to cryo…

I’d still take the Fatal

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##Notable Differences

  • Fatale
  • Dahl grip - Negative damage
  • Prefix - Increased accuracy, nothing else
  • Cryo element - Negative damage and reduced damage to shields. Access to cryo status effect giving you 200% crit damage, 200% explosive damage, and 250% melee damage.
  • Special effect - Much bigger mag size, 75% critical hit damage, and near instant max accuracy.
  • Transmurdera
  • Maliwan grip - Doesn’t effect damage
  • Prefix - Increased fire rate and projectile speed.
  • Non-Elemental - Doesn’t effect damage and reduced damage to armor.

Consensus: Unless the enemy is truly resistant to cryo, and not just their shields, then the Fatale is much better than that Transmurdera.


Do i get bonus points for guessing the stat discrepency beforehand?

The fatale should theoretically be better dps, but to be fair that is a pretty good NE transmurdera (proactive being probably the best prefix for smgs, the extra bullet speed and fire rate [depending on your character buffs] definitely make the gun feel a lot better [and depending on the range you generally shoot at, easier to hit crits with].

Conclusion: Play with what you want to play with, but if you get your hand on a proactive fatale i promise it’ll be super fun.


I thought caleb would have already known about the elemental damage penalty. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah I’m all about experimentation, try both and see which you like best.

Consensus about my consensus: With my experience and taste I would prefer the Fatale every time. Plus my thought process is stuck at level cap min-maxing whether I like it or not.