FatBots Now 800 - How Do We Feel About This?


Took me completely by surprise when I went to buy a FatBot in a desperate battle for the middle in Monuments only to discover that they are now 800.

Needless to say, we lost that battle for the middle.

How do you guys feel about this?

On one hand, I’m annoyed, as I love to pump out FatBots.

However, especially in Meltdown, pumping out FatBots For The Win was stupid easy to do, especially with one or more people running Buildables.

So…how do we feel about this?

Thanks in advance.

I feel… fine. :vulcan:

Cost reduction gear is going to be more common in loadouts now, though.


I look at it a lot like a Pawn Stars negotiation. People were complaining about how easy it was to spam them at 600, so Gearbox overbid at 800. Soon we’ll agree on 700.


im ok with this, the extra 200 shard cost shouldn’t damper those with econ builds too much while also controlling the flow of big bots so they don’t [hopefully] spawn within the first 40 seconds of a match.


“Stocks have gone down by 75 points!”

Oh boy, I hope gone down means go up, and 75 means 200…!

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i would’ve preferred if they extended their cooldown period so they wouldnt be so spammy


I agree with it, as it should help limit the snowballing effect that cost-reduction built pre-mades cause on Meltdown and Supercharge.

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Supercharge was 800 since it dropped


I’m fine with it. It’s not fun to constantly have to deal with elite minion spam every other wave. The fatboys are fun to use every now and then, but it’s kinda annoying to be on the receiving end of an enemy team’s ones all the time. This should help, just a bit but not too much, to negate that.

Anyhow, that should increase the usage of wrench gear, and decrease the amount of instances that people spawn them at the incorrect times. Like the Bonecrusher just died in lane, and you want to use the fatboy now?

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It’s not 1000 now is it? Seems like the kind of thing gearbox would do.


Yeah, i know, but i thought that THIS-

-is what would be done. If it is Meltdown only, then i think it should be 1000 in Supercharge, where elite bots are arguably more important, as you have less time and man-power to destroy them.


In Meltdown, I felt as if you could get a little overrun by the elite minions whenever someone was running an economy build; so now that the price has increased to 800, they won’t be as overwhelming, They’ll still maintain their usefulness in pushing lanes, as the price isn’t so high that it makes them redundant and not worth the purchase, the only difference now is that you have to be slightly more tactical on how you spend your shards. So all in all, I’m okay with this.


I like it, pretty much for the reasons everyone else has already gone over here.

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Looks like a good change to me. But I’m still waging an internal battle with my snarky evil self, who wants to make a joke about how in the next patch, they’ll cost platinum instead.

Well, I guess I lost that internal battle


Losing team should have it at 600, and winning team at 800.

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Has anyone mentioned how it’s going to affect XP gain as well? Because to me, that is the most significant change, in what provides the best shard to XP economy, while still benefitting the team. Big bots were the best choice, since shock turret XP had been reduced. Now, not as much.

Late game in Incursion, when big bots are being spammed, it was really accelerating XP gain for both the builder and the enemy team. Plus, if there is an opposing Beatrix, a constant stream of big bots gives her an anchor for both Double Dose and Outbreak. When I see a big bot coming as Bea, I’m all, “Yay!” inside. So it’s a hidden nerf to my usual strats, which is fine by me. It needed one.

This also makes sentry rush tactics on Incursion a little more costly – i.e. building a big bot with the first Shepherd wave. I wouldn’t mind the cost being increased to 900, or even 1000. A good team can get a LOT of early game mileage out of a big bot in Incursion.

In any case, it’s a good change in my book.