Faulty Faulting Fault-star

Hello, am I the only 1 that can’t reroll anoints on faulty star?

What anointment you have on it? If terror or one of removed from pool, you can’t re-roll it until that anointment will be back in the pool.

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Oooooo does that mean we may be able to reroll for terror anointments during the bloody harvest event in the autumn.

Should be possible, yes.

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Now that is something to look forward to…

ah ok shot - ya its a terror anoint -_- lol

It kind of depends on how that thing was implemented… We might get our answer much sooner with Cartel event - if anointments like Cyber Spike etc. start showing up in Reroll machine, then so will Terror anointments.

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There is no Cartel events anymore, all of them were added to the game. Then some of them were removed from the pool (Cyber Spike) and some stayed (URad, 300/90 etc.).

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You had me worried for a bit - I think you meant Cartel anointments. Sure hope there still is a Cartel event coming up. :slight_smile:


Yes, I meant anointments, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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