Faulty Star not re-rolling VH-specific anoints?

I picked up several Faulty Stars, of varying augments and elements, and took all of them to the anointment reroll machine. Dropping over 20,000 eridium on each one, none of them rolled a Vault Hunter-specific anointment even once. ONLY ASS, ASE elemental damage, or On Shield Break Amp. I know how RNG can be, but it seems a little too far fetched for over 100 rolls on 3 different versions of the same shield.
Anyone else? I’m on PS4, all hotfixes loaded.

There’s some weird rules about which guns / gear can get different anointments. I spent 27k rerolling a Juliet’s Dazzle for Urad and started to notice no Terror or Cartel anointments were turning up, despite Bloody Harvest being on. In fact, only the original set of anointments were coming up. I took 160 splash in the end, but couldn’t use it for my urad build.


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