Favorite Battleborn quotes

(Not a "Li'l Assbirb!") #21

(I know that some of these aren’t verbatim)


“FEAR ME!! …Please? If you’ve got a sec.”

Toby: "Keep it up, death machine!"
Toby in slightly deeper voice: "You got it, Toby."
Toby: "Death machine, you TALK?!"
Deeper voice: "I sure do."
Toby: “WOW!”

“Call me cute; SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!” -cute hiccup noise- “arraah, DAMN IT!!”

“Safe N’ sound. Back at base. Me and DEATH MACHINE!”

(On seeing enemy Toby) “Oh, he’s so cut- AH, COME ON!!”

(On killing enemy Toby) “Darkest timeline. Darkest timeline. DARKEST TIMELINE.”


“Power tastes like lemons.”

-makes car-driving noises, followed by screech- (In deep Batman voice) “Get in, we’re get’n the hell out of here.” -more car noises-

“Stand there, or i will EAT YOU!”

(Whispering) “Hey guys. Guysguysguys… (Perky voice) Who wants to watch me eat that?”

Shayne & Aurox:

Shayne: “Get out of my house, or whatever!”

Shayne: "Lets get 'em, Grumbles!"

Shayne: "Shayne and Aurox; team detectives!"

ISIC and Geoff, in Algorithm mission:

ISIC: "Ready for another upgrade, Geoff?"
Geoff: "Nooo; they taste like copper."
ISIC: “Huh… That’s weird. Do it anyways.”

ISIC: "Great; you’re still losing."
Geoff: “Yee-ep.”

ISIC: “Beat these guys, or i’ll cast you screaming into Minrec’s gaping maw.”

(Lazloe Longhair) #22


Story of my life as I change to a healthier diet which contains lots of salad and low carb solutions.

(Carpe Noctem) #23

¡¡ MUH CORNEAS !! -Orendi (blinded)

“Be advised: holy crap I love air strikes” -OM

“Be advised: my name’s Oscar Mike and I’m dumb as hell” -WF

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #24

Oscar Mike: “All Units be advised: This is kinds (bleep)ed up. I mean, when you think about it.” When killing varelsi
"Duty Called, I answered, we hung out. Duty’s awesome!!!" Leveling up

Whiskey Foxtrot: “Nightmare fuel neutralized.” Killing Varelsi

Benedict: “Your FACE is a flat circle!” Upon killing something
"I’ve coughed up things with more skill!" Killing something

Alani: “I’ve seen tougher kelp. Prettier too!” Killing enemy

(Kirk) #25

Kleese to Mellka during the prologue, talking about her bio-claw gauntlet:

“You say tomato, I say horrendous disfigurement.”

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #26

Mellka: “Bout (bleep)ing time!” upon starting The Archive stage

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #27

Kleese: “And every bone in my body is broken! Ow! Ow!” During a taunt.

(lowlines - PS4) #28

ISIC: Oh look! An idiot! (Benedict flys past)

Oscar Mike: Attention everyone! I am slightly more powerful than I was a second ago! (After levelling up)

Oscar Mike: Hmm…I guess chest hairs aren’t bulletproof! (After killing Montana).

There’s a unique conversation between Benedict and S1 Wolf when they get to the encrypted door…I’ve only heard it once but it is hillarious!!

(Collin G) #29

ISIC lines are my favorite. kleese is a close 2nd.

(Jonathan) #30

Deande: “YES! First dibs! We have first dibs, so I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with US FIRST, you DIBS! Pahaha!”

(Hobo4Lyfe) #31

Actually, I think that’s “Your FACE is a flat circle!”

It’s a callout to Matthew McConaughey’s “Time is a flat circle” monologue from S1 of True Detective as Rustin Cohle. I think. Could be wrong.


There are so many favorite ones to quote… here are a few i look forward to hearing everytime i play these story missions or these characters…

Kleese and NOVA in the algorithm
Kleese: Hail ISIC
Nova: Hailing

Kleeese and NOVA in the saboteur
Kleese: Is it an away mission if you aren’t really away?
Nova: Wow Kleese! Wow!

Mellka in Archive
Mellka: Everyone on board with this plan?
Chronicle: (something on the lines of I live here, can’t come)
Mellka: everyone who’s opinion i give a **** about on board with this plan?

Chronicle in archive
Chronicle: Alright Tour resumes. Now, on your left is a thing on fire. on your right is a thing that is also on fire.
Life long enemies of learning encountered.
Heeeyy little lady, welcome back to the grove of the arcanum. First thing’s first, you’ve got 8 books overdue. You have a week before i send the guards (to Mellka)

Wolf sentry: Knock knock fellas. I am dumb as hell and thirsting for death

NOVA in experiment after Boldur says that Jennerit forces are closing in
NOVA: the walking stump is right

Attikus while killing Jennerit troops
Attikus: It makes me so happy to kill my own kind.

Benedict: Where ya goin? I said, where ya goin?

OM: Duty called. We hung out. Duty is awesome

Phoebe: Cantankerous old fart incoming (on seeing Kleese)

Nova’s laugh in the beginning of void’s edge when the portal surge disturbs the ship’s flight, cracks me up everytime…

We can pretty much list every single dialogue from Battleborn here…

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #33

Thank you for the correction. :smile:

Ghalt: "Shut the hell up Kleese! Don’t panic!"
Upon confronting the Conservator in the Void’s Edge

(lowlines - PS4) #34

A few more awesome ones I heard in the last couple of plays.

Oscar Mike: I really hate vegetables! (After killing Miko)
Benedict: It’s so nice and quiet up here! Ahhhh! (When launching really high into the sky)
Alani: Ready for take off! (After healing Benedict)
Alani: Benedict is going to tell how flying is cool…It’s not!

There was another fantastic one I remember hearing from Benedict, but I just can’t recall the exact words :weary:

(SnazzySquid) #35

Boldur: Like a bottle of fine wine, Boldur is best smashed into skull!

Montana: All hail the hairy king!

Wolf: Hacking complete! Zoom, and enhance!

Geoff: Hahahaha… spiders!

Cough! Cough! Poison gas! Lethal to giant spiders! I better kill these clowns!

Attikus: …Varelsiburg, whatever.

Marquis: Nein! Bad hobo!

Oscar Mike: Threat deployed!

(Chigurh462) #36

El Dragon (after killing Marquis) “Tell all your miserable robot friends!”

(precursorgold) #37

When I heard Oscar Mike say “Nice hacks bro!” during a PvP match, I lol’ed pretty hard.

(lowlines - PS4) #38



ambra: i will not rest until every shirt is tucked the f*ck in! :joy:

(Douzkaya) #40

Nova: "Lighting this ■■■■ up in 3…2…1"
Nova: “Kick ass and roast noobs in…”

But without a doubt the best one, i don’t recall the exact words but something like —> The Sentinel: “No. Security is my only job and i sure wont let you take my job from me. Come and be ground to paste chumps”

I also like Boldur in The Experiment :slight_smile: